Airdate: Orange is the New Brown

Seven sketch comedy featuring Nazem Hussain, will debut next week.

New Seven sketch comedy Orange is the New Brown, featuring Nazem Hussain, will debut next week, screening on Thursday night and paired with the episode of Modern Family recently in the news.

Nazeem is joined by Urzila Carlson (Have You Been Paying Attention?), stand up sensation Becky Lucas, Matt Okine (The Other Guy) and Broden Kelly, one third of comedy group Aunty Donna.

Also making regular appearances are the most seasoned and popular performers in the country including Kat Stewart, Claudia Karvan, Tim Minchin, Gary Sweet, Firass Dirani and Sigrid Thornton.

“This was a really fun show to make” said Nazeem. “I got to see things I thought I’d never see. Kat Stewart dating a 95-year-old man, Tim Minchin arguing with Kamahl and Sigrid Thornton getting frisky with a skeleton.” 

“But to be honest I’m just using this show as a stepping stone to Home and Away. Any role will do. I’d even settle for the Uber Eats driver at the diner.”

Following on from Nazeem’s cult hits Salam Café and Legally Brown, Orange is the New Brown continues the comedian’s brand of race, politics and pop-culture with a twist.

From a Real Housewives-type melodrama set in a prison to racial stereotypes when playing charades, this is the show that believes the biggest laughs can be found right under your nose, shamelessly poking fun at real life and modern Australia.

8:30pm Thursday November 8 on Seven.

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  1. This looks awful. All the ads have been so unfunny. Such a shame. I tend to love Australian comedy. None of the ads have made me want to watch it.

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