1. thedirtydigger

    Family Food Fight is a nothing try hard show cobbled together from MKR and Masterchef and somehow it claims to be a “new” format ?
    How much dross rip-off TV do these networks expect Aussie drones – I mean viewers – to suck up ?
    This show should be canned on this figures- surely a new low for a major reality series, but knowing the charges of the company that makes it I bet its a very very expensive turkey to kill…

  2. Ambulance Aust is def the best out of the 3 medical reality shows, i can’t even remember the name of the one on 7, i think 9 is Paramedics? which was ok, but 7’s show was fairly bad, the first show they even gave away what happened at the end of it in the promo! (if i remember correctly build up to wether a baby was born ok, the promo had it crying so duh) LOL they even do it with their reality shows!

  3. Nothing of interest on last night, so caught up on the final two episodes of Wanted from the night before. Such a shame they burnt it off so quickly, it was actually a really good show but has been treated poorly by Seven.

    • yes i agree, i don’t know why they promote the hell outta some of the reality crap on at 7.30 yet you see very very few promos for Wanted & some other dramas. TBH i actually forgot about Wanted, till i did see a promo half way into this season. Do they want to get rid of it?? i just don’t get it

  4. Ch7 by making that B&P rubbish go to 9PM I gave up on the good doctor and watched 2 episodes of csi miami . Then watched major case and the closer. I love my crime shows and hate all forms of reality tv.

  5. Now the Block has finished…interesting to see how Nine’s ratings have really fallen away on Monday & Tuesday. Family Food Fight (FFF) clearly struggling against Bride and Prejudice. How will Nine finish the ratings year off with FFF in its programming line up?

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