Factuals give Seven a win on Wednesday

Ratings: 7:30 and Beach Cops tie in their timeslot. Playing for Keeps improves for TEN.

At 7:30 last night there was a right tussle for eyeballs between four networks.

Both 7:30 and Beach Cops tied on 629,000 viewers in a battle with an improved Bachelorette at 622,000. Highway PatrolYoung Sheldon and Invictus Games Today followed (from 8pm).

From 8:30pm Mad as Hell led at 616,000 then 9-1-1 and Playing for Keeps, the latter at 463,000 was up on last week’s 359,000. Manifest dropped again for Nine.

SBS moving Food Safari Water to an earlier slot saw it lift from 155,00 to 167,000. Train spotters were still loyal at 8pm.

Seven network won Wednesday with 30.2% then Nine 26.1%, TEN 19.0%, ABC 17.0% and SBS 7.7%.

Seven News (1.00m / 933,000) was #1 for Seven then Beach Cops (629,000), Home and Away (616,000), Highway Patrol (594,000), The Chase (542,000 / 331,000), 9-1-1 (559,000) and Criminal Minds (342,000).

Nine News (879,000 / 873,000) led for Nine then A Current Affair (759,000), Young Sheldon (582,000 / 528,000), Manifest (464,000), Hot Seat (454,000 / 270,000), World’s Wildest Flights (198,000).

The Bachelorette was best for TEN at 622,000 followed by Playing for Keeps (463,000), The Project (440,000 / 241,000), TEN Eyewitness News (357,000), Pointless (166,000) and Madam Secretary (161,000).

ABC News (644,000), 7:30 (629,000), Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell (616,000), Invictus Games Today (457,000) and Back in Very Small Business (279,000) comprised ABC. Black Comedy was 156,000 and Superwog was 111,000.

On SBS Great British Railway Journeys (240,000), Food Safari Water (167,000), The Missing (155,000 / 128,000) and Food Safari Water (124,000).

Peter Rabbit hopped to the top of multichannels at 142,000.

Sunrise: 272,000
Today: 216,000
News Breakfast: 99,000 / 43,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 24 October 2018.

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  1. Im really enjoying Pointless. I think Mark is funny and he and Andrew work well together.

    Im also really enjoying Playing for Keeps. Each week is getting more interesting and Olympia Valance last night was great.

  2. Well I for one happen to like Aussie Pointless. I had never heard of Mark Humphries before this show but I find him to be a very funny man. Why don’t people want to laugh anymore? My only complaint is that I wish the Doc would stop yelling the answers. (Oh one more thing, where do they get the 100 people asked the questions? Surely they couldn’t be as silly as they seem) !

    1. Same. Never heard of Humphries before. He is quite entertaining, and the humour in general is a different style to the UK. The show is worth persisting with, as they would win a lot of viewers back if they could pull the format out to the correct length.

  3. Pointless is rushed to fit the half hour format. I like both versions the Aus and UK but prefer Mark and the good Doctor to the UK version.
    I see that the Project is on at 6.30, I really dont know what they could do they have cut the audience for Neighbours by putting it on another channel, because there are people who only watch the main channel. Maybe give Neighbours a similcast whilst Home and Away is on a break and get a few numbers up..

      1. You mean Cece Peters is the ‘small town girlfriend. Annie Maynard is one of the two leading ladies (she’s the one married to the captain of the team and has two children and the nanny).

  4. Both TEN news and Pointless seemed to have settled at around 350K and 215K respectively. This is atrocious. The news needs to be freshened up with new faces or cut back….or something. I am afraid pointless is doomed.

    1. The news has just been refreshed with the addition of Jennifer Keyte, how else can you refresh news? It’s news… The only refresh I see maybe working, maybe, is The Project at 6pm for an hour to be a point of difference to the other networks news, scrap Pointless altogether (its not good) and start competing at 7pm with the others. this has all been said before however

        1. Move the news back to 6pm. Hopefully keep the 350-400K already watching now at 5pm and (over time) steal 100-200K off the 2 million watching Seven and Nine at 6pm and voila, you’re viable and competitive in that time slot again. Big point of difference being female lead bulletins for the most part around the country. The Project can return to a short, sharp half an hour show which is ample.

      1. I would slim down the project to 3 presenters and make it a half hour show. Its to busy with 4 plus guest/s. I would get a current affair show at 6.30 with Lisa as host. Change Tens news to 6pm start and have B&B fill the 5.50 to 6pm slot. At 5pm l would have a Sports tonight style show.

        1. Or possibly Judge Judy 4:30pm, Bold 5pm, Neighbours 5:30pm. Do need to find some new mid-afternoon content than just endless cooking shows. Branded lifestyle magazine format maybe?

          As part of any news move, Ten should also re-introduce a late bulletin, Hugh Riminton could easily slip in there. They waste the 10:45pm slot at the moment.

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