Nine’s share tops 42% on Sunday

Ratings: The Block finale is down on 2017 but still pulls a massive crowd.

The Block grand final drew 1.67m viewers, rising to 1.87m for the Winner Announced, in preliminary OzTAM numbers last night.

But they are expected to be adjusted to 1.69m / 2.02m after the show ran overtime which Nine is claiming as the top reality finale of 2018.

Nine drew a knockout 42.3% share winning all slots across the night. But the numbers were also down on 2017’s Overnight of 1.98m / 2.25m which was a 3 year high.

Against such competition everybody else took a hit, it was just a question of by how much.

ABC News was second in its slot at 727,000 then Sunday Night (from 8:15pm), All Together Now and a Kevin McCloud special.

TEN was unable to rise above its 5pm news at 345,000 with Game of Games particularly hard hit on just 256,000 viewers.

Pine Gap was also down for ABC while Ancient Invisible Cities was best for SBS at 174,000.

Nine network easily won with 42.3% then Seven 24.4%, ABC 15.3%, TEN 11.6% and SBS 6.4%.

Outside of The Block, it was 60 Minutes that was next best at 1.06m viewers in preliminary numbers then Nine News (936,000) and The Modern Royals Tour Down Under at 437,000.

Seven News (836,000) led for Seven at 836,000 then Sunday Night (531,000), All Together Now (510,000) and Deadly Airspace (257,000).

ABC News (727,000) was best for ABC then Kevin McCloud’s Top 10 (442,000), Pine Gap (362,000), Vera (228,000) and The Queen’s Green Planet (183,000).

TEN Eyewitness News was best for TEN at 345,000 then The Sunday Project (322,000 / 230,000), NCIS (308,000 / 185,000), Game of Games (256,000) and Bondi Rescue (205,000).

On SBS it was Ancient Invisible Cities (174,000), SBS World News (137,000) and The 2000s (123,000 / 86,000).

7TWO’s Border Security topped multichannels at 161,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 28 October 2018.

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  1. I love your site David. The news, the reviews, the occasional gossip and giggle. But I rarely read the comments anymore. Perhaps you should just call them “Complaints” instead of comments as 90% of the time it’s just negative nellies griping about everything!

    Oh God, now I’m complaining too!

    1. Thanks wf, I understand your point. I endeavour to run a balanced (and frequently passionate) site and there are boundaries regarding comments, especially regarding attacks, discrimination and defamation. But a negative view can still fall within acceptable boundaries. People do get passionate about their telly, and online negative comments are not exclusive to TVT as you know. I try to encourage people to tell us about the shows they love, not hate, and play the ball not the man. Alas everyone is a backseat programmer, and moderating is hardly the part I enjoy most.

  2. 14 seasons of The Block amd still doing so well in the ratings I wonder how that compares to other long running shows Maybe an article on The Biggest TV shows in Australian history Id be curious to know what they were/are.

  3. Spent the weekend watching the fantastic Fast 5 Netball. Really exciting games with several on Sunday decided by a single point. Only noticed that there was a competition show finale when the grand final was over and I went channel surfing. Watched three minutes of an excruciatingly boring auction, turned over and watched a full segment of another show. Came back to the Block Auction only to find that nothing, nothing at all had changed!

    1. They had to show the auctions in their entirity and that’s where the overrun occured. Completely unexpected results, where the supposed favourites won the least money, and a dark horse took first place.

      1. It is not like they didn’t know what would happen. No surprises for the producers who have spent the past six weeks madly rearranging the show to make sure the underdogs had some sort of chance, hobbling the quality teams as much as they could.

      2. Yes however the overrun was known, Nine could have sent out notices that the finish time was later and/or updated the TV Schedules accordingly and adjusted the ratings markers on the shows as they would have known 60 Minutes wouldn’t be starting at 8:45pm (8:30pm in some guides).

        This is the bug-bear many have with all the Channels now, finishing times not being advertised correctly and DVR recording settings not being right, especially how it limits how many shows you can record because of conflicts of times.

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