Planet America: Oct 12

Tonight on ABC News Planet America has an exclusive interview with the man who found himself at the centre of ‘Trump-Russia’, Rob Goldstone.

Goldstone is the accidental opportunist of the Trump Russia scandal. He was everywhere. He lined up the now infamous Trump Tower meeting and sat there as a Russian lawyer offered dirt on the Democrats to Donald Trump Jr, Jared Kushner and campaign chairman Paul Manafort. Goldstone also booked the Moscow hotel room where Russia may or may not have obtained “kompromat” on Donald Trump during the 2013 Miss Universe competition.

Goldstone has spoken to Mueller, a Grand Jury, House and Senate investigators, and now Planet America!

Does he think President Trump knew about and approved of the meeting offering dirt on Hillary Clinton?

Could the “pee tape” be real?

Will this scandal be the end of the Trump Presidency?

9pm Friday 12th October on ABC News (the full interview will also air at 11.30am and 11.30pm Saturday 13th October, and 4.30am Sunday 14th October on ABC News and iview).

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  1. 1st screening of the extended interview was ruined by the PM talking his nonsense ‘man of the people’ line live-managed to catch the evening screening of it-interesting!

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