Returning: The Goldbergs

Season 5 finally gets a date with Seven, coming to Mondays with a double episode.

Season 5 of ’80s comedy The Goldbergs will finally get a run on Seven from Monday.

It returns with a double episode at 11pm Monday November 5.

These episodes screened in the US in September 2017 with a 6th season kicking off there last month.

“Weird Science”
As Adam looks to Weird Science to launch Barry’s epic senior year, Beverly pitches in to help Erica start her college career.

“Hogan Is My Grandfather”
A class project about Pops’ World War II stories lands Adam in trouble. Murray orders Barry and Erica to learn how to live without their mother’s help.

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  1. I gave up a month ago ordered DVDs from overseas.
    Has been a good season, with Coach Meller heavily featured with his spin-off series coming next year.
    Special cameo from old wrestler Bill Goldberg as the more successful brother of Coach Meller is some classic viewing!

  2. Brilliant! Thank goodness for PVRs! Such a shame one of the funniest shows on TV gets buried at the graveyard timeslot so long after its American screening, but I’ll take what I can get! Thanks for the heads up.

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