SBS on Demand: The Teach, The Missing

New crime mysteries now streaming via SBS.

2016 Polish crime drama The Teach  (aka. Belfer) is now available at SBS On Demand.

All ten season one episodes available)

The Teach is a complex and enthralling crime thriller set in the beautiful Polish woodlands of Dobrowice. Just before the start of the new school year, a young student is found dead in the forest of a picturesque Polish town. When the original verdict of suicide is ruled out, Paweł, a teacher from the local school, is determined to uncover the real reasons behind her death. His unofficial investigation lifts the lid on a disturbing trail of political and big business corruption, and as he gets closer to revealing the truth, Paweł too becomes the subject of a manhunt.

S2 of The Missing, which broadcasts from next week, is also available now as 8 episodes.

Told again over multiple timelines, the puzzle of twists and turns begins with the revelation that Alice Webster returns to her German hometown after having been missing for 11 years. As she struggles with her newfound freedom, her family is thrown back into a turmoil that threatens to tear them apart. Meanwhile, French detective Julien Baptiste (Tchéky Karyo) joins the search for Alice’s abductor in the hope that case may hold vital clues to
the whereabouts of another missing girl.

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  1. The SBS have a good selection available for streaming but some shows are getting a bit old now so these two new additions are welcome viewing. I guess the reality for the SBS is that the public expectation for new shows is always a constant one but as a tax payer funded organisation may prove difficult to fulfil.

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