1. I wonder how much of all of this is just more & more people turning to streaming services, Netflix & Stan. Honestly im too lazy atm to research if streaming from FTA networks is counted in overall ratings?
    Another point, which I’ve mentioned before, too many encore editions of shows, i really think its hurting initial ratings partly because it gets confusing as to which is a new or repeat episode, not like the old days with the hard copy tv guides that told you with the capital R next to a show.

  2. I’ve loved the block and still do, however the amount of product placement – I honestly don’t remember it ever ever being as bad as this season. McCafé, seriously we get it! Youfoodz and Suncorp do we need this in every 10min blocks? Maybe it has been like this and my eyes are only now open, but it’s on the verge of distractingly too much. Oh and the cooking challenges… stop it, stop it now it hurts!!

  3. Maev....Sydney

    I watched and liked The Good Doctor…missed Queen of the World…visitor…will catch Keli doco on iview…..so over Go Back to Where You Came From, enough already.

  4. thedirtydigger

    Scene: Chief Programmer’s office at Seven as ratings come in and Take Me Out hits a new low of 400,000.
    Programmer furrows brow and takes a well used hammer from under his desk, walks over to a glass case on the wall marked ‘ Break Only In Case Of Emergency ‘.
    He smashes open the case, revealing a shiny new Royal Documentary…
    Order is restored, allowing the PR department to spin some more bullXXX about their latest flop and how the Tuesday timeslot is up 1462 % from Dance Boss…

  5. thedirtydigger

    David what has happened to Seven’s latest bomb Take Me Out ? Has that been quietly pulled from the schedule – nothing to see here folks ?
    How many episodes went to air, surely it couldn’t have been an entire series ?
    Let’s hope Julia Z. doesn’t suffer the same fate in the cut throat commercial world.

    • The royal doco was timed to go with international broadcasts so it has taken precedence and wraps next Tuesday. Seven advises TMO is returning but yet to confirm the date. I guess we wait to see if Tuesday 16.

      • It takes precedence? But did the Queen have to be Tuesdays..? They could have bumped One the highway motorway patrols on Monday wednesday or thursday for the Queen. This is them dumping TMO. Resting a show on 400,000 and bringing it back weeks later is not a plan

        • No disagreement, but it would be good to get programming insights in advance rather than with hindsight. If the doco had been a big hit it would have been genius move. Sometimes these royal docos have attracted headlines and buzz, and fast-tracking is always preferred.

      • I agree, was really looking forward to this one, however I don’t think the live element worked. Many of they’ve crosses were cut off mid conversation to continue on with the studio based discussion. Love live tv, but for this the pre recorded vision works so much better

  6. Watched Survivor live, then caught up with Doctor Doctor from the night before (minus the ads)

    Will catch up with 800 words final later, was on too late.

  7. barrington bumbaclaart

    Soft? I’d say go back live was a monumental disaster. It would’ve cost a mint to produce so the return on investment, both in a ratings and editorial sense, is beyond poor. I don’t know what SBS was thinking commissioning this. It is no longer a zeitgeist issue in Australia. The majority of people think “we stopped the boats, not our problem anymore, why should I care about refugees”.

    • Disagree with your view it is not an issue, and one SBS is right to raise. Even the biggest drama was down so it stands to reason SBS would be too. I didn’t think the execution matched previous seasons, with SBS trying to give it a new spin. The narrative was all over the place for me.

      • barrington bumbaclaart

        I’m not saying that it’s not an issue, I’m saying that this is no longer a hot topic issue the general Australian public care enough about to invest three nights viewing in a strange, badly produced format. The ratings reflect this. Personally I believe it’s very much a worldwide issue worthy of exploration, just not in this format or style.

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