A very Spicks and Specks Sunday

Ratings: A TV reunion upstages the competition, with Nine & 10 struggling on the biggest night of the week.

The return of Spicks and Specks was a winner for ABC, topping the demos and tying with Seven News for top spot on 905,000 viewers.

On those kinds of numbers, ABC will madly be trying to lock it down for more in 2019 given Adam Hills told TV Tonight he was open to the idea.

The show easily ranked ahead of the competition with only All Together Now pulling respectable numbers at 660,000.

Nine and 10 both had disappointing nights. Family Food Fight struggled with 422,000 from 7pm and Game of Games at 7:30pm was a dismal 297,000.

Sunday Night from 8:15pm led later on 553,000 over 60 Minutes poor showing at 436,000 then Pine Gap and NCIS.

Best for SBS was Ancient Invisible Cities on 202,000.

Seven network won Sunday with 31.1% then Nine 27.3%, ABC 20.7%, 10 13.4% and SBS 7.4%.

Seven News tied for #1 at 905,000 for Seven then All Together Now (660,00), Sunday Night (553,000), and Manhunt (278,000).

Nine News (816,000) led for Nine then 60 Minutes (436,000), Family Food Fight (422,000) and Queen: Days of our Lives (327,000).

Spicks and Specks tied for #1 for ABC at 905,000 then ABC News (741,000), Pine Gap (358,000) and Vera (236,000).

The Sunday Project (339,00 / 184,000) was the best of low-hanging fruit on 10 followed by Game of Games (297,000), NCIS (268,000), 10 News First (231,000) and Bondi Rescue (138,000).

On SBS it was Ancient Invisible Cities (202,000), SBS World News (122,000) and The 2000s (120,000 / 100,000).

7mate movie Suicide Squad topped multichannels at 175,000 viewers.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 4 November 2018.

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  1. On ABC ..but was on the PC while Pine Gap was on….With nothing coming from TEN and nothing on the calendar or Guides…nothing to remind me what is on….wonder how many others viewing is affected by this…..or just lazy me….

  2. Quite a few people I talked to at work today enjoy Spicks and Specks but didn’t know the reunion was a thing. I reckon if more did then it would’ve cracked the million. It was my favourite hour of TV this year.

  3. Saw bits of game of games for the first time last night. I think it had some potential, but the actors pretending to be contestants were awful – so fake. Pity, because it could have been fun.

  4. So enjoyed the Spicks and Specks Reunion show last night. Great to see all the gang back together again – all of them appear not to have aged a day, except for Adam’s greying hair. Miff in particular looks exactly the same as she did 7 years ago! (Not sure about Al’s new hair do though !)
    The show flowed really well and seemed to be over all too quickly – definitely a sign of a quality show.
    Really hope to see a few one of specials next year. Clearly the love and interest in S&S is still there for many viewers.

  5. I thought the reunion was one of the best things on TV this year. It was honestly like they picked up right where they left off. Myf is ageless!
    Loved the updated visuals, and how (as it always did) catered to multiple generations of music so effortlessly… and despite what some ppl think, I enjoyed the amount of guests they had (if anything, it proves how much respect the show has within the Aus music community).
    All in all it was a classy, welcome return and I hope we see more.
    It also proves just how clueless the majority of panel quiz shows have been since the show ended… there’s only one true Spicks and Specks.

  6. Ugh Game of Games will be pulled from the schedule! Also with the huge budget of All Together Now there is no way that will be back for another season. I tried to watch Family Food Fight last night but it’s pretty bad and it was basically a poor man’s MasterChef.

    Great result for Aunty with Spicks and Specks – well done to those involved!

  7. Loved Spicks and Specks but the nicest surprise guest for me was the young singer Juel. I had never heard of him before so I got on to my best friend Google and read about him. Wonderful voice !

  8. S&S got a bit messy with so many guest appearances.

    I know they wanted to appeal to a broad audience and it’s still only a one-time opportunity, but someone really needed to say no at some point.

  9. Loved it. My husband was sad when it finished and said ‘why don’t we have this on TV anymore…’. You forget why you love it so much. Great entertainment. Well done ABC. Love Aus Music month.

  10. Spicks & Specks was outstanding! It was like they never left. Especially loved the ending with the bogan national anthem and The tribute in the credits for Richard brought a tear to my eye.

  11. Absolutely loved every second of Spicks & Specks, they can’t leave us for another 7 years. Even if it’s just a yearly special for Ausmusic month, we have to get Adam, Myf and Alan back on our screens.

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