ABC agrees to ACTU access

The ABC has agreed to allow ACTU secretary Sally McManus access to speak to union members after she accused them on social media of refusing to let her on the premises.

According to McManus Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance and the Community and Public Sector Union invited her to speak to ABC staff tomorrow.

Yesterday McManus tweeted, “What’s going on @ABCaustralia? I’ve been invited by @CPSUnion & @withMEAA members to speak at their end of year union meeting this week, but ABC management are refusing to allow me on the premises!”

She added, “Since becoming ACTU Secretary I have visited many, many workplaces across the country – maybe one a week. Factories, building sites, offices, casinos, schools, hospitals, yards and workshops. In every case the employer has been happy to have me visit.”

She added, “Hopefully this is just a misunderstanding. The @ABCaustralia being the first employer in the country to say no to me being allowed on their premises to talk to their employees would say a lot about the culture & attitude of some in management.”

A Fairfax report notes management offered a room but Sinddy Ealy, ABC section secretary for the CPSU, wrote to ABC’s acting managing dirctor David Anderson after McManus’ appearance was declined.

An ABC spokesperson today told TV Tonight, “The ABC has confirmed it is happy for ACTU Secretary Sally McManus to attend a meeting of CPSU members at the ABC in an appropriate meeting room on a date to be confirmed.”


McManus will meet union members in ABC’s Eugene Goossens Hall tomorrow.

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  1. When I worked at GTV9 union reps were only allowed on site if they agreed to first meet with the GM, then they had to be escorted around by security. On one occasion, a security guard mistakenly let the union rep in to visit employees without supervision, prompting a frantic search for the rep, and him being asked to leave. Totally OTT

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