Airdate: The Angus Project

Fresh Blood comedy features Angus Thompson, a 26-year-old actor with Cerebral Palsy.

The next Fresh Blood comedy to air next week on ABC Comedy is The Angus Project by Writer / Director / Producer Nina Oyama (You’re Skitting Me, The Chaser’s Election Desk, Tonightly with Tom Ballard).

This features Angus Thompson 26-year-old actor with Cerebral Palsy from Bathurst, NSW.

It also features Sammy J, Adam Bowes and Veronica Milsom.

Angus is an aspiring sports journalist with cerebral palsy, who works for a shonky local paper called The Bathurst Gazette. He wastes his days with his carer Nina, a flailing university student who has a knack for blowing even the most mundane tasks out of proportion. Assisted by their eclectic drug dealer Kane, the two find colourful ways to shirk their responsibilities, and undermine their boss Kath, a nasty woman who runs the regional disability service provider.

9:30pm Tuesday December 4 on ABC Comedy.

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