Tonightly returns in June

ABC Comedy series is now on a six week hiatus, due to return in June.

ABC Comedy’s Tonightly with Tom Ballard is now on a six week hiatus, due to return on June 18.

In its place will be repeats of UK panel show Never Mind the Buzzcocks.

The series recently appointed a new executive producer in Dan Ilic, but is also being investigated by the Australian Communications & Media Authority after a controversial sketch referring to Australian Conservatives candidate Kevin Bailey as “a c**t’.”

ABC Director of Entertainment & Specialty David Anderson has since apologised to Australian Conservatives candidate Kevin Bailey for any personal offence.

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  1. I don’t understand the reason for the investigation, as the skit clearly was referring to John Batman (the original namesake for the division) as a c**t not the conservatives candidate. The same reference was made to all the other candidates.

        1. The interesting thing that “Tonightly” ignored was that the one Batman candidate under fire for alleged bullying and alleged inappropriate behavior was the Greens candidate….. the party which Mr Ballard is an active supporter of. Now that would have made for a much more interesting angle for Mr Ballard’s show to pursue, but obviously Mr Ballard’s show is about swearing rather than a take on current affairs

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