Barrenjoey Road to reveal new evidence

ABC true crime doco has prompted disgraced former NSW Crime Commission investigator, Mark Standen, to speak out.

ABC’s true crime Barrenjoey Road will tonight reveal new evidence in the disappearance of 18-year-old Trudie Adams from Sydney’s northern beaches 40 years ago.

Letters from disgraced former NSW Crime Commission investigator, Mark Standen reveal an extremely close relationship with career crim Neville Tween, aka John Anderson.

The Barrenjoey Road investigation by Ruby Jones and Neil Mercer has prompted Standen to speak out for the first time since being jailed in 2008.

Tween was suspected by police of involvement in a series of murders and 14 brutal rapes on the northern beaches. He was eventually jailed for his part in a major cocaine importation and died in jail.

In the letters, Standen confirms that his family and the Tween families lived for years just streets away on the NSW Central Coast during the early ‘90s, sharing a dog park and tennis court. Later, certain members of both families set up a business together. It’s not suggested that any of those family members knew about Tween’s criminal background.

“Socialization was unavoidable and as I perceived no threat to my family from Anderson,” Standen writes. “I merely compartmentalised my work and social interactions. I formed the view that he was a retired old-school criminal looking for a quiet life on the coast.”

The revelations have prompted criticism from former NSW detective, now professor of policing, Mick Kennedy.

“How can he possibly be a family friend?” said Kennedy. “How the fuck could you even let him in your house knowing what he’s done? That would have been the average copper’s response to Mark Standen trying to explain why he’s friendly with Neville Tween.”

The ABC investigation team has also been told Neville Tween was an informant of Mark Standen.

Kennedy believes this is another strong reason for an investigation into the relationship he describes as “the unholy relationship”.

“What happens is when police get investigated for these historical matters it’s never about the actual incidents themselves it’s about the cover up,” said Kennedy. “And the cover up is not necessarily about criminal activity it’s about competency, it’s about misconduct.”

In addition to Standen’s letters, the Barrenjoey Road journalists have obtained evidence that suggests Standen could have stalled an investigation into missing woman Trudie Adams.

8:30pm tonight on ABC.

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