No Chaser on ABC in election year

Yesterday ABC was very upbeat about its 2019 slate including the coverage it will be giving to an election year.

But it won’t include the return of The Chaser.

On social media yesterday The Chaser team said, “ABC in 2019: Another thing that’s not coming back… a Chaser election show. First time since 2001 that the ABC has declined to fund it. Perhaps Sky News provides enough satire nowadays?”

In the past we’ve had The Hamster Decides and Yes We Canberra! which have helped bring some levity to heavy campaigns.

If they aren’t careful the team may be snaffled up by another broadcaster. They would surely bring in bumper ratings.

Update: “We’re surprised by Mr Firth’s comments as The Chaser didn’t pitch an election special to the ABC for next year and advised us it was already in discussions with a commercial network,” a spokesman told Fairfax.


  1. Oh no! :'(
    It was honestly one of the best parts of any election, something to look forward too. The joke of the “longest election desk” last time was just amazing.
    This is foolish of the ABC. I can only hope another network picks it up as I think the concept can move to any network, provided they’re willing to deal with the shenanigans. SBS is an obvious new home.

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