Paramedics powers Nine to a win

Ratings: Factuals enjoy a resurgence with impressive numbers for Nine. But comedy under-performs elsewhere.

Factuals have been enjoying a late 2018 resurgence, particularly those surrounding emergency services.

Last night Nine’s Paramedics was not just the top rating show outside of news and current affairs, it even eclipsed A Current Affair on Nine.

The show produced by WTFN drew an impressive 720,000 viewers and topped the demos, more than double its nearest competition Endeavour on 304,000, Orange is the New Brown on 302,000, and How to Stay Married on just 264,000 -without a Bachelorette lead-in 10’s comedy took a hefty tumble.

Earlier an extended Home and Away was 575,000 (from 7pm), RBT drew 545,000, 7:30 was 501,000 then Grand Designs and The Conners which also underperformed for 10.

Alex Polizzi’s Secret Italy was best on SBS at 215,000.

Seven News, ABC News and The Chase won earlier slots.

Nine network won Thursday with 31.7% then Seven 28.5%, ABC 17.5%, 10 14.0% and SBS 8.2%.

Nine News was best for Nine on 834,000 / 788,000 then Paramedics (720,000), A Current Affair (619,000), RBT (545,000), Hot Seat (425,000 / 275,000) and Chicago Med (325,000 / 205,000). Driving Test was 247,000 in 2 cities.

Seven News was #1 for Seven with 951,000 / 902,000 then Home and Away (571,000), The Chase (544,000 / 342,000) and Orange is the New Brown (302,000). An X-Men movie drew just 219,000.

ABC News (639,000), 7:30 (501,000), Grand Designs Australia (489,000), Endeavour (304,000) and Grand Designs (154,000) comprised ABC’s night.

The Project (391,000 / 220,000) was the best of a bad bunch for 10. 10 News First (347,000), The Conners (283,000 / 272,000), How to Stay Married (264,000). Pointless was 198,000 and Law & Order: SVU was 178,000 / 134,000.

On SBS it was Alex Polizzi’s Secret Italy (215,000), Waco (117,000 / 114,000) and SBS World News (103,000).

9GO!’s Big Bang topped multichannels on 170,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 22 November 2018

10 Responses

  1. Regrettably, I think all the characters should have been written out of “The Connors”
    The writing just seems too “stilted”, and the message too “try hard”.
    IMO , comedy has moved on, since this type of “lounge room” based sitcom was popular with masses of audience.
    The laugh track was extremely grating.

  2. Maybe The Conners should have been fast tracked as the news of how they dealt with Roseanne had already been all over social media. Maybe teaming The Conners & Murphy Brown (which I am really looking forward too) in the one hour might be a better option.
    If Orange is as unfunny for the whole hour as their promos then it is no wonder no one is watching.

  3. In hindsight, HTSM at 7:30pm leading into the Conners at 8pm and then SVU at 8:30pm would be a neater line-up & puts their Australian content first. The only positive for 10 would be holding audience numbers from The Conners to HTSM.

  4. I only lasted 15 min of orange also. The cooking sketch was done in ep 1 and the jokes seem to be reverse discrimination against Australians. I think Lisa Mclune is too straight to play with Heliars wit and better casting may have improved the show. Very poor performance for “The Connors” and it will never gain ground against Paramedics and Home and Away. Law and order and Blue Bloods are on far to late.
    I love Blue Bloods even though 10 has always buried it in a late night slot

  5. Even though I like Nazeem I just don’t think Orange/Brown is funny at all. I lasted about 15 minutes and that was it for me. Disappointing because I like to encourage Aussie productions. Feeling sad for Peter Helliar too. He was so excited with the ratings his show got the first week but wow they have dropped drastically now.

  6. HTSM deserves better ratings than that. I admit to not being a huge Peter Hillier fan, but this show has been quirky and funny. Darren Gilshenan (Here come the Habibs) as the slightly off centre neighbour is hilarious.

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