1. from next year onwards Channel 10 will be showing the Melbourne Spring Carnival, i was wondering who Channel 10 will get to host the coverage and which reporters will be used, also will Francesca Cumani and Richard Freedman be going on Channel10 as well.

  2. Love my horse racing and I love to see my horse parading before the races but Channel 7 was only showing a couple of the more fancied ones and then off to an add break. (except for the Cup off course). Same with Chris and Kevin interviewing the winning jockeys after each race (except Cup). Thank heavens for channel 68. Much more interesting for we who like a bit of fashion but not overkill.

  3. Was it just me or did anyone else find the fogged up camera down the back straight very amateurish? I kept on waiting for the hand to come out and wipe it clean but never happened…ok I know or assume it was on the inside of the camera somewhere but surely it should have been checked and fixed before the race started.

    • harrypotter1994

      Yes, I was glad I watched them the other way around again. Got to have my cry with The Resident and then have a bit of a laugh with The Good Doctor.

  4. It was a great Melbourne Cup event yesterday, I enjoyed it for some reason more than at least last year, even though there was a tragic horse death and wet weather.

    For any program to get over 1m, let alone 1.5m or over 1.8m (metro) is incredible for these times, Seven would be please they’ve bucked the long trend of decreasing and gone out on a high.

    Good news for Ten!

    • Sully: And subsequently six jockeys fined for overuse of the whip including the winner. The fine of $3000 was a tiny fraction of what he pocketed for winning. The dark side of the racing industry here.

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