10 Boss rebrands as 10 Bold ahead of court battle

TEN blinks ahead of a legal battle from Nine.

That was quick.

10 Boss is no more, already rebranded as 10 Bold after a legal challenge from the Australian Financial Review.

Fairfax Media, now owned by Nine, objected to the logo and trademark use, considered too close to its AFR Boss magazine.

An AFR spokesperson said: “We welcome the decision of 10 to rebrand their channel from 10 Boss in recognition of the heritage and value of AFR’s BOSS magazine. However, the matter remains before the court.”

10 relaunched its ONE multichannel as 10 Boss on October 31st centred around “bold, confident characters.”

It isn’t clear whether The Bold & the Beautiful will now be part of 10 Bold.

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  1. You can call it 10 Whatever, still doesn’t change lack of content, I’m switching to a channel based on a name, its based on actual content I want to watch, and watchable content, not filled with adds, water marks, and all the other crap FTA has now

    1. Certainly would be, though I’d go more for TEN1 and TEN11 along with TENHD and TENSD, keeps it simple like FOX8, BBC1, BBC2, BBC3 and etc., the ABC should have never gone away from it in my humble opinion … keeping ABCNews of course a (really the only one that needs it).

  2. I personally liked 10Boss, it’s 10Peach I can’t stand. They should have just left the multichannels with the same names but replaced the letters with numbers in the circle and in the same font as 10. Simples !
    10Bold, what is that ???
    I suggest they replace that and go with 10Cream to match 10Peach.
    Then everything will be Peach’s and Cream.

  3. A 24/7 Bold and the Beautiful channel would likely boost TEN’s market share. 😛

    I’m surprised that Bold doesn’t air at all (to my knowledge) on 10 Peach. It would probably do them some good to market it as a female-skewed soap/drama channel with Neighbours (new and old), Bold (again, new and old), This Is Us, Madam Secretary, Playing For Keeps, Sisters, Offspring, Sex and the City etc.

    1. Trying to follow who’s married to who this week and who Eric and Brooke have been married to is difficult enough. Would be total confusion trying to watch old and new episodes. Oddly, WIN airs Young & Restless and Days of our Lives, but not 10. Yes, may be a few years old but only pay-TV viewers may have seen them (very small number) since Nine dropped them years ago..

  4. I think they would probably have won the AFR challenge to the name. It’s not like their products are remotely related or would reasonably be confused by anyone (but I suppose it depends on which trademark categories AFR hold on the name).

    Perhaps they should have switched to 10meek ?

  5. This is ridiculous the boos name was stupid now the bold name is meaning less and stupid .Either way ten lacks any good content on any of its channels for me to watch .i Ve never heard of boss magazine by the way I do not think anybody else has either .ten would have won If they went to court ..

  6. Who would ever consider 10BOSS and AFR BOSS as the same entity it aligned in any way. The logos are completed different, one business purposely has no entertaining content, and the other is struggling to find entertaining content.

  7. I shall continue to refer to the Ten network channels as 1/12, 11 and 10/13-it amazes and alarms me how people will fall into line with the various networks ever changing marketing ploys.

    1. Nine (owners of AFR) have known to be petty before with scheduling times of tv shows, and lack of contempt for viewers. OK, so I know it’s just business and it’s all about the $. Still, it’s another reason I avoid Nein if they cannot be nice in nature, they can ‘get stuffed’! Good luck to CBS.

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