Back Roads: Dec 3

Heather Ewart returns with Back Roads tonight on ABC. First stop is the Atherton Tablelands in far north Queensland.

Heather Ewart is on a road trip through far north Queensland, tagging along with a bighearted and much-loved travelling greengrocer. For almost 30 years, Fari Rameshfar has steered his trusty truck ‘Betsy’ down dirt roads, through droughts, cyclones and floods, to deliver fresh food to people living in isolation.

Fari’s 800 km round trip takes him through the Atherton Tablelands, from his home in Tolga to the towns of Mt Garnet, Conjuboy and Lynd Junction. His final stop is the former nickel mining town of Greenvale – home to a pub made famous by a Slim Dusty song.

Along the way, Fari stops in at the huge Conjuboy cattle station, where the owners and their neighbours gather once a fortnight to do their shopping and catch up. Pam Jonsson is from the Jervoise cattle station next door and she’s known Fari for most of her life. Pam’s parents, Kerry and Greg Jonsson, were some of Fari’s first customers.

Next stop is the Oasis Roadhouse. Fari’s truck is full of fresh produce, flowers and homemade jams. The roadhouse owner’s daughter, Laurel Royes, reckons anything customers want, Fari will deliver!

“He’s bigger than Santa in the community here,” says Laurel.

6:30pm Monday on ABC.

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