Giles sisters win Family Food Fight 2018

Sunshine Coast sisters Bec and Nicole Giles have won the second series of Nine’s Family Food Fight.

They took home the $100,000 prize, defeating the WA-based Tartaglia family, brothers-in-law Cory and Leon.

Both families were tied after two courses but a chocolate Guinness cake dessert was enough to clinch their win.

“We are so overwhelmed and honoured to be crowned the winners and take home the prize. This amount of money has never been possible for us to even imagine, so we look forward to investing it in our future with food,” said Bec.

Nicole added: “To the Tartaglia family, we couldn’t have asked for better blokes to cook beside. And to everyone else, thank you for making this whole experience one to remember. We love our new extended family.”

While Nine is reviewing the show’s future the Aussie-made format has already stitched up territory deals in the UK, US, Argentina and Denmark.


  1. Go girls, well done. Something seems a bit ‘set up’ about the pantry. The contestants decide on a dish at a moments notice, but don’t seem to have trouble getting rare ingredients from a mysterious source. It happened a few times eg– a whole pan full of chicken jiblets—, Guinness for an old family recipe, afghani spices, etc. Where is this filmed, ?? at the back of markets somewhere ??? Still like it.

  2. The Giles girls were consistently near the front for the whole series and deserve the win although it was a close final. The main feel coming from the final, was that they are all ‘4 truly nice people’ and you won’t mind seeing them elsewhere in the future. Tweek a few things and bring it back 2019. On the other hand , the new MKR promo is already promoting nastiness. I will not be sucked into supporting rubbish like that, especially when it seems to have stepped it up, from last years ‘bitches’ to this years ‘witches’. Get over it, there are a lot of other channels out there.

  3. carolemorrissey

    Was really happy with the 2 final teams & would have been happy for either to win. Was glad the nasty ones were finally eliminated. Did not want them to win. They really spoiled the show this year.

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