New-look Bondi Vet heading to Nine

5 separate vets feature in the new-look lifestyle series, expected to screen on Friday nights.

The new-look Bondi Vet is heading to Nine, expected to screen on Friday nights.

The revamped series, which follows a talent hunt by producers WTFN, features Peter Ricci, Alex Hynes, Kate Adams, Lewis Hunt and Danni Dusek.

WTFN’s CEO Daryl Talbot says “Steve Oemcke and I created Bondi Vet to appeal to audiences in Australia and abroad.

“While the show was very successful for us in Australia, people may not realise it is very big for us overseas. Our key clients in Europe and North America are excited about the refresh of the show with a new cast and new locations and have already signed up for the new series.”

WTFN has wrapped the year with hit series Paramedics on Nine and The Living Room on 10, both amongst the networks’ respective ratings successes in November.

“For producers, TV is all about timing,” says WTFN CEO Daryl Talbot. “Steve and I first pitched Paramedics to the networks at the beginning of 2016, but we just couldn’t get the series across the line.

“Adrian Swift at Nine loved the idea and loved the cast of Paramedics, and kept pushing it forward until it became a reality.

“It’s seven years since Steve and I originally created The Living Room but the formula is as strong today as it was back then,” he continued.

“For us the show is about the right mix of information with an overlay of entertainment. But after many years getting to know this particular audience we always focus on the content in the stories first, then let the entertainment flow from there.

“In 2019 our production team led by EP Virginia Hodgson will continue doing what they’ve done so well this year: well researched stories with a twist and a human touch. I don’t want to jinx us, but who knows, we may even collect a fifth Logie for the show.”

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  1. Didn’t know we had nothing but great looking vets in this country, you know…the ones who look great on tv… None of them obviously come from our area, ours are just ordinary everyday looking people. To me it sets unrealistic ideas that all Aussies look like this.

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