Report: Karl hires employment lawyers

Karl Stefanovic has reportedly hired the lawyers.

News Corp reports he has hired employment lawyers to examine the circumstances of his “departure.”

While the former Today host remains under network contract, it is unclear whether he will remain at the network after This Time Next Year concludes filming in February.

Nine backflipped on keeping him at Today after continued media coverage of his wedding, much of it negative, including insider access to Seven West Media publication Who magazine.

Reports also suggest he has hired additional lawyers following ex-wife Cassandra Thorburn’s comments published in New Idea, amid suggestions they may have breached an agreement.

Thorburn, who told Studio 10 she gave no interview, is also reportedly engaging lawyers to prevent the magazine publishing an audio recording.

Stefanovic has remained upbeat in the face of upheaval and intense media attention saying, “I suppose, as they say, a change is as good as a holiday, I’m looking forward to getting back to work. I’m moving forward with a sense of excitement about what’s to come.”


  1. the issue isn’t the media coverage of his life it’s the fact that so much of it is fake news. as soon as I see “new idea” I know it’s a fake story. It’s all about keep making sh*t up and maybe something will come true. Karl’s axing is to little to late.

    • I would usually agree….. except for the fact the New Idea interview is apparently all on tape.
      The ex wife needs to just stop commenting….. makes me think of Meghan Markle’s family.

      • Why do women buy these magazines? I say women because surely that’s the only readership? Please correct me if I’m wrong. I really wish these magazines went out of business.

  2. Oh dear …what a mess it all is… I never watched Today…well maybe on the rarest of occasions…but you cannot avoid all the news stories…just everywhere.

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