Returning: Mustangs FC

ABC ME teen drama returns in early January.

ABC ME teen drama Mustangs FC returns for its second season in early January.

The 13 part series features Emmanuelle Mattana, Ashleigh Marshall, Gemma Chua-Tran, Molly Broadstock, Celine Ajobong, Monique Heath, Hayet Dabbouss, Miah Madden, Tharanya Tharan, Pia Miranda, Jacek Komanand the voice of Celia Pacquola.

They got to the finals last season but missed out on raising the trophy, and now the Mustang girls are pumped and ready to get back in the game. But can they win the cup without Ruby? It’s all kicking off in Mustangs land!

Series 2 brings more complex relatable stories about real young women and their friendships, challenges and triumphs. There’s more of the Mustangs’ signature humour and heart, wrapped round stories about bullying, body image, sexuality, the politics of moon cups and menstruation and how to handle some serious over-spraying of boyoderant!

And of course there’s soccer to play! After getting to the finals last year but missing out on actually raising the trophy, the Mustangs are pumped and ready to get back in the game. Problem is – there’s a Ruby shaped hole in the team since she defected to the Wildcats, and it’s wobbling everyone. The girls don’t even know if they can win a single match without her, never mind a shiny silver trophy.

Time for some new players and a massive shake up of the team’s formation that means big changes for Marnie. Being captain of the Mustangs has been so important to her, but is dishing out all that advice and support starting to mean that her own game suffers? Liv has some major stuff to deal with, including a big little word Marnie kept from her last season, that has her questioning why she even started playing football in the first place. It’s time for Liv to follow her own dreams… if she can figure out what they actually are. Anusha’s relieved to get out on the field again and taste some independence, after a wellness-scheduled summer. And even Bella is raring to go now that her game has mysteriously improved a lot. Can their friendship stay on track when Bella starts to leave Nush behind and surprise herself by becoming a sporty girl?

At the Wildcats, Ruby has to face the fallout of her decision, as she struggles to find her feet with her hostile new team. Is there any way to be friends with the Mustangs again after that betrayal? Ruby and Lara have been hanging out in secret while Lara’s making it her mission to get Ruby back in with the crowd. Only trouble is, once that happens, Ruby and Lara won’t have their secret anymore… and the secret was kind of fun. Lara liked having Ruby to herself, and what are all these crazy, mixed up feelings that Lara even feels when she hangs out with Ruby? So. Many. Questions.

Mustangs FC is produced by Matchbox Pictures for ABC Television with production investment funding from Screen Australia in association with Film Victoria. Distribution is NBCU International. Produced by Amanda Higgs and Rachel Davis. Executive Producer: Debbie Lee. ABC Executive Producers: Jan Stradling and Libbie Doherty. Writers: Kirsty Fisher, Magda Wozniak, Rae Earl, Shanti Gudgeon, Alix Beane and Jonathan Gavin. Directors: Corrie Chen, Jess Harris, Roger Hodgman and Ana Kokkinos.

5pm January 1 on ABC ME.

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