Returning: Outback Opal Hunters

Discovery Channel series filmed in Qld, SA, NSW & WA returns next month.

Season 2 of Outback Opal Hunters filmed in Lightning Ride (NSW), Opalton (QLD),  Coober Pedy (SA) and Laverton (WA) begins on Discovery Channel in late January.

Season 1 teams The Rookies, Col’s Crew, The Cooke Brothers, and The Opal Queen are joined by The Fire Crew, a family risking their life savings hoping to strike it in Western Australia.

With five teams operating across four states, Outback Opal Hunters follows their roller-coaster ride of hope and heartbreak as they measure themselves each day against the vastness of the country’s harsh landscapes. Along the way they must confront cunning gem dealers, wild pilots, grizzled veterans, and untamed outback characters as the season brings new machines, new mines, and new challenges. Old friendships will fall apart, new friends will be found and a fortune in opal with be unearthed, all in the brutal Australian Outback.

The Rookies Daniel Becker and Justin Lang smashed their target last season in Coober Pedy. No long total fresh-faced novices they are upping their target this season to $150,000. But they have to learn the harsh realities of mining when they face unexpected challenges from the get go.

Col’s Crew – Col Duff, Aaron Grotjahn and Greg Geran – are still living off the grid in Opalton, this time digging a massive pit at legendary claim Dragonfly. Hoping for a massive payday and with a hulking bulldozer and excavator to fund they have increased their target six-fold to $120,000.

Following a bad season last year, The Cooke Brothers – Peter and Mick – from Lightning Ridge are keen to make up for lost time with new drill “Dragon” and new keen as mustard apprentice, Sam Westra.

The Opal Queen from Lightning Ridge, Kelly Tishler returns with some muscle; her brother-in-law Mark Tishler and expert digger Dwayne Hanrahan. This time they are heading underground for the most valuable opal in the world: Black opal.

New team, The Fire Crew are hunting a fortune from their off the grid camp in Laverton, deep in the Western Australia Outback. Firefighter Adam Piromanski, his partner HR consultant Cassidy Ricketts and Adam’s prospecting parents Peter and Vikki Piromanski have invested all their savings on a quest to find rare Fire opal.

Opals are one of the most valuable gemstones in market and 90% of the world’s entire supply is found in Australia. With world prices doubling every five years a single piece can be worth millions of dollars. Out here anyone can make a fortune… if they can find it.

Thursdays from 31 January at 8:30pm on Discovery Channel.

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