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Silent Comedy trailer #2

Silent Comedy trailer #2See the full 1 hour TV special at 10pm, 14th January 2019 on Channel 31!

Posted by Silent Comedy on Thursday, January 10, 2019

Back in June Channel 31 comedy special Silent Comedy managed to get retweeted by Russell Crowe, when it was looking for performers.

The finished product, directed by longtime director Nicholas Bufalo, airs on Monday.

RMITV & Short Game Productions presents Silent Comedy, a 1 hour TV special featuring Australia’s best established and up and coming silent comedians. These performers don’t use any spoken word during their acts, relying entirely on visuals to get a laugh. Featuring 8 performances throughout the night with vastly different acts, each one bringing their own unique twist to the silent comedy world.

Starring: Hayden Burke, Rob Caruana, Patrick Collins, Jack Dan, Rod Lara, Dana McMillan & Charlotte Salusinszky, Joana Simmons, Andi Snelling. With Ross Purdy as “Banana”.

It is directed by Nicholas Bufalo and executive produced by Dean Watson.

10pm Monday 14th January on Channel 31 Melb.


  1. This is going to be interesting. Anything for a laugh. My therapy , is to just before sleep, I go to ‘StreamDor’, —– Comedy —– 1910-1940 —- . All those brilliant silent ‘2 reelers’ are there, and you can’t go wrong. A fifteen minute laugh before you dose off is priceless.

  2. There was a time when classic silent ‘2 reelers’ were shown on TV-Chaplin, Keaton, Keystone Cops, Laurel and Hardy etc-even the odd silent movie like Buster’s ‘The General’ or D W Griffiths ‘Birth Of A Nation’ (well it seems like a comedy now, even if unintendedly so) but not very much now.

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