Airdate: The Power Of Poo

Not a title I ever expected to be writing about but The Power Of Poo will air on SBS on Monday night.

This is a Canadian doco… and not one I plan on reviewing!

It is not exactly something we talk about in polite company, but the fact is, everyone has to poo. Every year, worldwide, we produce 9 billion kilograms of the stuff – six metric tons each over our lifetime.

From human poo to animal poo, researchers are embracing the brown stuff. They believe it’s scientific gold, and are digging into it because they’re convinced poop holds secrets that could help change our lives. But are they full of it?

Can colon cleanses really improve your health? Can scientists utilise dogs and their sense of smell to help protect some of the world’s most endangered species? Do toilets spray fecal bacteria all over your bathroom? If your poo floats, is it a sign that you’re not well?

In The Power of Poo intrepid scientist Dr Jennifer Gardy goes on a journey to find out. Her goal? To discover whether poo is simply waste to be banished, or a valuable byproduct that has the power to revolutionise our health.

Monday, 14 January at 9.40pm on SBS.


  1. Will be watching this as it could be a good follow up to the fecal microbiota transplant Doco which included doing that with patients who had Autism to alter the balance of good versus bad bacteria. The whole thing was very fascinating and even went to helping premature babies survival rates, since Science started looking at the gut as our 2nd brain it’s quite amazing what they are finding. Going back Catalyst also had a good 2 part show on all this called Gut Reaction and more recently another 2 part one called Gut Revolution.

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