Chris Kenny leads new shows & changes on SKY News

The Australian's Chris Kenny will front a new show looking at media on SKY in 2019.

SKY News has announced several new shows and changes as part of its 2019 line-up including:

  • Kenny on Media and The Kenny Report with Chris Kenny
  • Paul Murray Live Our Town, Our Show a monthly regional edition of Paul Murray Live
  • The Front Page with Peter Gleeson
  • Outsiders James Morrow and Rita Panahi join Rowan Dean

From this Sunday, David Speers, Kieran Gilbert and Laura Jayes head back to Parliament House while regulars also return next week includingAndrew Bolt, Peta Credlin, Alan Jones, Paul Murray, Graham Richardson, Stephen Conroy, Michael Kroger, Chris Kenny, Rita Panahi and more.


Paul Murray Live Our Town, Our Show – Premieres Wednesday 20 February at 9:00pm, first stop Toowoomba.

In 2019 Sky News’ highest rating program Paul Murray Live will broadcast from ten regional locations across Australia, examining the issues and challenges facing Australia’s heartland, in partnership with Harvey Norman and Sony Music. First stop for the Paul Murray Live Our Town, Our Show tour will be Toowoomba on 20 February. To be part of the Toowoomba audience or to nominate your town email [email protected]

Paul Murray said: “We all say Australia is a great joint, we want to show everyone why it is. Too many people in power take regional centres for granted. This project is about celebrating towns, but equally giving those towns a chance to talk directly to the people in power.”

Paul Whittaker, Sky News Chief Executive said: “The Paul Murray Live Our Town Our Show tour will tap into the heart of the nation looking at the great things taking place in regional and rural Australia that we rarely hear about as well as discussing the issues facing Australians living outside of the big cities.”

Kenny on Media – Premieres Monday 28 January at 8:00pm

In 2019 Chris Kenny, Sky News anchor and associate editor of The Australian, expands his role at Sky News with the launch of two new programs.

Premiering next Monday, each week Kenny on Media will dissect the highs and lows of news reporting, call out fake news and put media behaviour under the spotlight. Chris is at the forefront of national political debate, with senior roles in newspapers, radio and television along with past roles in politics and public relations.

Chris Kenny said: “Never before has the role of the media been a hotter topic in national debate, claims of fake news and hidden agendas abound. In this new program I will sort fact from fake, discuss trends, expose deceptions and get behind-the-scenes with leading media influencers.”

The Kenny Report – Premieres Monday 11 February at 1:00pm

Chris Kenny will join the channel’s weekday line-up for a new one-hour program The Kenny Report each Monday – Thursday at 1:00pm, as Sky News expands its coverage for Election 2019. The Kenny Report will examine the issues dominating the day’s agenda, provide the first take on leading opinion and give viewers a jump-start on a fast-moving national news cycle.

Chris Kenny said: “It is going to be another tumultuous year in national affairs and I am looking forward to getting right into the middle of the debate in the middle of the day. With so much unfolding during the morning through newspapers, breakfast television and radio, I’ll be providing strong opinions, robust debate and considered analysis of the day’s events.”

Kenny on Sunday returns from Sunday 27 January in its popular 7:00pm timeslot.

The Front Page – Premieres Monday 28 January, then nightly at 11:00pm

Respected former newspaper editor Peter Gleeson will anchor The Front Page. Gleeso will take an insider’s look at the next day’s headlines, speak to newsmakers and be on the lookout for fake news.

Outsiders – James Morrow and Rita Panahi join Rowan Dean from Sunday 27 January at 9:00am

A revamped Outsiders returns to Sundays at 9:00am with Rowan Dean to be joined by James Morrow, The Daily Telegraph’s Opinion Editor, and Rita Panahi Sky News anchor and Herald Sun columnist each week as they look away from the mainstream news agenda.

After record ratings in 2018, Sky News has cemented its place as one of the leading channels on subscription television, holding number one positions across Foxtel in key evening timeslots. Sky News extended its content reach in September last year with the launch of Sky News on WIN, a dedicated free-to-air commercial news channel available in 30 markets across WIN’s regional network.

Sky News 2019 Programming Schedule Overview (returning from Sunday 27 January)

First Edition with Kieran Gilbert and Laura Jayes (Weekdays at 5:00am)
AM Agenda with Kieran Gilbert and Laura Jayes (Weekdays at 8:30am)
Live Now with Stacey Lee (Monday – Friday at 9:30am)
NewsDay with Tom Connell (Monday – Friday from 11:00am – 1:00pm; 2:00 – 4:00pm)
The Kenny Report with Chris Kenny (Monday – Thursday from 1:00pm – 2:00pm; from 11 February)
Speers with David Speers (Monday – Thursday at 4:00pm)
Credlin with Peta Credlin (Weeknights at 6:00pm)
The Bolt Report with Andrew Bolt (Weeknights at 7:00pm)
Kenny on Media with Chris Kenny (Mondays at 8:00pm)
Sharri with Sharri Markson (Returns in 2019)
Jones & Co with Alan Jones and Peta Credlin (Tuesdays at 8:00pm)
Richo with Graham Richardson (Wednesdays at 8:00pm)
Conroy and Kroger with Stephen Conroy and Michael Kroger (Thursdays at 8:00pm)
Politics HQ with Nicholas Reece (Fridays at 8:00pm)
Paul Murray Live and PML Overtime with Paul Murray (Sunday-Thursday from 9:00pm)
The Front Page with Peter Gleeson (Nightly at 11:00pm)
Pyne and Marles with Christopher Pyne and Richard Marles (Fridays at 1:00pm)
The Friday Show with Rita Panahi (Fridays at 4:00pm)
Saturday Edition and Sunday Edition with Caroline Marcus and Jim Callinan (Saturdays & Sundays from 7:00am)
Speers on Sunday with David Speers (Sundays at 8:00am)
Outsiders with Rowan Dean, James Morrow and Rita Panahi (Sundays at 9:00am)
Kenny on Sunday with Chris Kenny (Sundays at 7:00pm)

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  1. Miss days when you could turn in roughly every 1/2 hour or on the hour for a quick news hit. Even ABC News does a better job nowadays and sky News used to pride themselves on their regular updates. But alas I’ll stick to Twitter for quick news hits.

  2. Some thoughts on Sky News especially on the evening commentators:
    1/ regularly railing against the AB’s perceived left views as the ABC is taxpayer funded; yet, also rail against Fairfax for left views, yet Fairfax is not taxpayer funded.
    2/ calling their guests mate. When that happens, I immediately know that the guest will entirely support the views of the interviewer. Even Fox News US don’t call their interviewees “buddy” or the like.
    3/ some commentators, especially Rowan Dean, have little or no ability to critically analyse events preferring to be apologists or de facto PR arms of their favoured political party.
    4/ Rowan Dean must be Donald Trump’s biggest Australian fanboy. I’ve yet to hear Dean find fault with Trump. If Trump does or says something stupid, Dean will disingenuously find a way to blame the Democrats. Watching Rowan Dean on Sky News is fascinating – it’s train-wreck TV.

  3. i wish they would put something on after 10pm Perth time, as from 10pm-2am they switch to Sky News UK. So it’s basically a 20 hour news channel not 24/7. They could at least show repeats of some of the Australian programming that was on earlier in afternoon

  4. Talk about Chris Kenny overload. Three hours in primetime and four hours in daytime!
    At least The Outsiders lost their nightly show – back to just two hours on Sundays. A shame Janine Perrett wasn’t brought back for the Front Page show, considering she was axed to make way for Outsiders. Peter Gleeson (or ‘Gleeso’ as he’s been called on his summer show) is unwatchable IMO.
    Also, shame there’s not a lot of female presenters in all these changes.

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