Dastyari out, Katherine Kelly Lang into the jungle

An emotional Sam Dastyari is eliminated but Bold & the Beautiful star becomes next intruder.

Former Labor politician and TV pilot host Sam Dastyari has left the jungle, the second contestant to be eliminated from 10’s I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

Dastyari was emotional upon his exit, adamant that his decision to join the series was a personal high and had given him plenty of time to reflect.

“My political career imploded, that’s well known. My family imploded as a result of it. All completely my own doing. But here’s the thing. There are a lot of things to be afraid of. Spiders, snakes, heights…but your own mind at 3am in the morning when you’re lying there, and you can’t distract yourself. Boy, that’s the scariest thing of all,” he said.

Noting the lack of communication as the biggest challenge, he had nothing but praise for his fellow campmates, including those he differed with.

It was a night of high drama with fellow ex-pollie Jacqui Lambie sporting a kingsize bruiser following a challenge with Justin Lacko.

Lambie was taken by ambulance to hospital but has battled on as the 10 series enters its third week.

Tonight an international celebrity enters the jungle in the form of Bold & the Beautiful star Katherine Kelly Lang aka Brooke Logan.

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  1. Wow that bump on Jackies head was huge. She surely gained a few extra points for being such a good sport. Surely after poor Justin and his nose episode and now the Jackie bump, those silly huge balls have to go. Loving this series though. I like them all !

        1. As if ‘ten’ could remotely afford any one of them.
          I hope Katherine talks about her , Beauty pageants, her Movies, her Charity work and other series and appearances, so people know it is not just ‘a’ soap. This lovely lady is obviously is not getting the credit she truly deserves. This will be an eye opener.

  2. I wonder if Brooke has a stunt double. Good on her for giving it a go, for at least a short time, now viewers can’t say she is not a Celebrity. I’m actually hoping for Dawn French one day.

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