rage: retro month

rage gets its retro on for the month of January once again.

We’ve gotten our fingers dusty and pulled out our favourite tapes from the archives to bring you a month-long celebration of retro music videos, live performances, interviews, full episodes of Countdown, GTK and more old school goodies from the vault.

Tune in this Saturday for a whole night of Countdown episodes from the early 1980s – including a special New Zealand Invasion episode featuring Dragon, plus guest hostings by Renee Geyer, Daryl Cotton and Jon English.

10am and 11:29pm Saturday January 5 on ABC.


  1. A brief mention … if it wasn’t for the perseverance of Marilynne Vietnieks and her team at the ABC’s Archives & Library Services department, Countdown tapes would have been relegated to the dustbin of history and never retained for further use such as this year after year. Sadly, many other programs weren’t so lucky.

    • Maev....Sydney

      Wow…this is information we ordinary folk do not know…thank you for sharing…Sharing is Caring..
      And kudos to the team at ABC for all their work….unsung hero’s…. 👍👌⭐

    • Legend has it that when the order came to bulk erase all the Countdown episodes, a co-ordinated effort was made by some staff in the middle of the night to load as many tapes as possible into boots of cars for safe keeping. Hence we still have material for things like Rage Retro month. Still quite a few episodes missing so wouldn’t surprise me if they were still out there for ‘safe keeping’.

  2. They used to show retro programs, such as The Factory and Countdown Revolution during retro month on rage a few years ago. They should at least consider showing The Factory, The 10:30 Slot and Recovery in separate specials throughout the year if they are unable to fit them in with the Countdown repeats in January.

    • The problem with those shows is they have a lot more talking than music, so they don’t really fit with Rage. But I agree, they could be shown at any time throughout the year. Overnight maybe…they would literally cost nothing to air…

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