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US comedian & writer, best known for Curb Your Enthusiasm has died.

US comedian and writer Bob Einstein, best known for Curb Your Enthusiasm has died, aged 76.

He died Wednesday in California after recently being diagnosed with cancer.

His brother, comedian and filmmaker Albert Brooks wrote on Twitter, “R.I.P. My dear brother Bob Einstein. A great brother, father and husband. A brilliantly funny man. You will be missed forever.”

Einstein (pictured left) played the recurring character of Marty Funkhouser, the aggravating old friend of Larry David, on Curb Your Enthusiasm from Seasons 4–9.

He also created the character of Super Dave Osborne, the fearless but accident-prone daredevil who made appearances on a range of US variety shows in the 1970s and starred in a four-part special for Spike TV.

Other credits included Smothers Brothers, Arrested Development, Crank Yankers, and Anger Management and he was a regular on the The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, Late Night With David Letterman, and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

“No one was more confident with the long payoff,” comedian Patton Oswalt wrote on Twitter.

Source: Variety

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    1. It’s hilarious isn’t it JimboJones. It came into my head today too when I read about his passing . A lot of great Curb storylines involved him. I had no idea he was Albert Brooks” brother either and I’m a big fan.

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