Airdate: Leaving Neverland

10 has secured the rights to controversial HBO documentary on Michael Jackson.

10 has secured the rights to HBO documentary Leaving Neverland, the controversial documentary on Michael Jackson which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival.

Two men who were befriended by Jackson, including Australian choreographer Wade Robson, recount their experiences, acknowledging they contrast previous on-the-record statements.

The 2 part doco, which is yet to broadcast in America, is now the subject of a legal fight. Optimum Productions and the two co-executors of the Jackson Estate is suing HBO and parent company Time Warner claiming the documentary constitutes a breach of a non-disparagement clause in an old contract.

10 will screen on Friday, 8 March and Saturday, 9 March but an extended and unedited version will be fast-tracked on 10 Play and 10 All Access from Friday morning, 8 March at 10.01am.

In this insightful two-part television event, Leaving Neverland details the story of two boys, Brisbane born Wade Robson and James Safechuck, who began their long-running relationships with hit-maker Michael Jackson at the height of his stardom.

Now in their 30s, they recount their alleged stories of how they were sexually abused by the pop icon, and how they came to terms with it years later.

Described by Michael Jackson’s estate as one-sided and sensationalist, this controversial and confronting documentary shines a light on the dark and disturbing events that allegedly took place over a number of years at Michael Jackson’s famed Neverland ranch.

Leaving Neverland is a HBO commissioned documentary in conjunction with British film maker Dan Reed (The Valley, Terror In Mumbai, Three Days Of Terror: The Charlie Hedbo Attacks, The Paedophile Hunter) and Channel 4 UK.

Friday, 8 March at 8:30pm and Saturday, 9 March at 8.30pm on 10.

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  1. Either he was guilty or people are trying to extort money. It’s not a positive outcome either way. It’s an indictment of human behaviour either way and I have no interest in watching this documentary when there is yet no agreement and conflicting declarations.

  2. This is so typical of Ten… they finally get something hot… something everyone is talking about… and they delay the screening

    It airs in the US on the 3rd / 4th… which is when social media will be overflowing… and headlines will be everywhere… and Ten are holding it till the end of the week…*sigh*

    I try to root for them, but geez they make it hard

    1. I suspect there may be an embargo. It is probably exclusive to HBO USA for a few days. Look to the 10:01am online screening, that hints at a 10am AEDT embargo. So it’s probably going to air the first night it can. There are also no press screeners, I think everything is in the vault.

        1. Probably they will shorten some parts which might not be as crucial to the storyline and they will probably have to cut of parts abruptly before ad breaks for cliff hangers…

          I’m not sure though, but I am looking forward to it…

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