Airdate: Les Misérables

Epic UK drama Les Misérables will premiere on BBC First in March.

Based on the Victor Hugo classic the (non-musical) drama is adapted by screenwriter Andrew Davies (Pride and Prejudice, War and Peace) and stars Dominic West as Jean Valjean, David Oyelowo as Javert, Lily Collins as Fantine, Olivia Colman as Madame Thénardier with Adeel Akhtar as her husband. Ellie Bamber is Cosette, Josh O’Connor is Marius and Erin Kellyman is Eponine.

The 6 part series debuted in the UK over the new year period to glowing reviews.

Les Misérables is the story of Jean Valjean, a former convict unable to escape the shadow of his past life. His future is threatened by his nemesis, the chilling police office and former prison guard Javert, who is determined to bring him to justice. Meanwhile Fantine, a working class woman abandoned by her rich lover, is driven to increasingly desperate measures to provide for her young daughter. Their stories collide and as revolutionary violence ignites on the streets of Paris, Jean Valjean begins an epic journey towards self-acceptance, redemption and love.

The Lookout Point and BBC Studios production, which does not feature any songs, is adapted by Andrew Davies from the French novel by Victor Hugo and directed by Tom Shankland. Produced by Chris Carey, filming for Les Misérables took place in Belgium and Northern France.

8:30pm Sunday March 10 on BBC First.


  1. Glass Portcullis

    Saw this through work recently. Dominic West, David Oyelowo and Adeel Akhtar all spectacularly cast. For the very limited time David Bradley’s incarnation of Gillenormand is on screen he’s excellent too.

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