MAFS, daylight and the chocolate factory on SBS.

Ratings: Not much change in nightly numbers, except for a spike by a yummy SBS doco.

There wasn’t much shift in trends last night, with MAFS and then daylight before anything else -but SBS had a spike thanks to a Cadbury’s chocolate factory doco.

Married at First Sight was unbeatable at 1.33m viewers and dominated the demos. My Kitchen Rules, second in its slot was a long way behind at 724,000 viewers then Hard Quiz (610,000), 7:30 (589,000) and Bondi Rescue 321,000 / 268,000.

Nine network won Wednesday with 34.3% then Seven 28.0%, ABC 15.8%, 10 14.4% and SBS 7.5%.

Elsewhere Nine News was 858,000 / 846,000 for Nine then A Current Affair (743,000), New Amsterdam (493,000), Hot Seat (471,000 / 284,000) and True Medical (184,000).

Seven News won its slot with 914,000 / 877,000. Home & Away drew 583,000, The Chase was 490,000 / 298,000 then Undercurrent (415,000) and Criminal Minds (163,000).

ABC News (671,000) led for ABC. Rosehaven was 408,000 then Would I Lie to You? (259,000), Get Krack!n (224,000), The Drum (200,000) and Adam Hills: The Last Leg (193,000).

The Project (401,000 / 227,000) was best for 10. 10 News First was 336,000, Pointless was 185,000 and Law & Order: SVU was last in its timeslot at only 167,000 / 167,000.

SBS drew quite a crowd for Secrets of the Chocolate Factory: Inside Cadbury at 339,000 which will likely top its week (cue Gogglebox review?), then Great British Railway Journeys (173,000), McMafia (145,000), Gourmet Farmer (106,000) and SBS World News (100,000).

Talking Married on 9Life topped multichannels at 170,000.

Sunrise: 277,000
Today: 182,000
News Breakfast: 112,000 /

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 20 February 2019.

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    1. They had better not…I really like it…But…I was really ticked off last night with and added junk on the screen …bad enough with the 9 thing…but extra stuff…just distracting……

    1. Loved the Kates in the Katering Show and the first series of GK was funny in parts.
      But sadly, am finding the latest Get Krack!n series pretty disappointing so far.
      The best thing about it is Helen Bidou – she’s hilarious but the rest is really missing the mark.

  1. Bondi Rescue rated well …. about eight years ago. Now it is weekend filler not prime time fare. But how can you blame Ten for waving the white flag against nine and seven. Do CBS regularly run third or fourth in US ?

    1. My understanding is that Bondi Rescue keeps going for overseas sales. They love it outside of Oz. I am no expert on these sort of BR-type shows, so I feel a bit out of my element here, but can an Aussie tell me just what is the appeal of watching lifeguards do almost the same thing every week/every year (dive into the water and save someone)?? Why do I get the feeling that the last remaining Oz viewers are women who like looking at shirtless young men (lifeguards)??

    2. 6pm weekdays with Bondi Vet and 3 other shows I think, one being Sports Tonight for mine looking ahead to the weekend in Sport, probably have to be Thursday though with the NRL on Thursday night all but 2 weeks of the coming coming season. Friday could be some sort of Postcards type show that also looks ahead to weekend activities in the major cities and country areas, may even be able to get a sponsorship with the various tourism boards in each state (but just one show that covers all).

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