MAFS doubles MKR, quadruples Sunday Night Takeaway.

Ratings: Nine powers up thanks to MAFS, causing major headaches for the opposition.

Married at First Sight hit a season high of 1.66m viewers as a TV affair split sent its biggest drawcards packing.

It was the highest rating “regular” episode ever and enough to double My Kitchen Rules,* to be adjusted to 751,000, and more than 4 times the debut of Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway on 383,000 in preliminary figures. ABC’s Magical Land of Oz landed in third place at 538,000 albeit in a slightly later timeslot.

The bumper figures for Nine ensured 60 Minutes’ Michael Jackson exposé trumped another on Sunday Night* at 1.08m viewers and 574,000, respectively.

Nine network won Sunday with a huge 39.5% share then Seven 26.6%, ABC 16.3%, 10 12.1% and SBS 5.5%.

Elsewhere for Nine, Nine News won at 965,000 and Confessions of a Serial Killer with Piers Morgan drew 376,000.

Seven News drew 892,000 and a repeat of Undercurrent was 343,000.

ABC News was 661,000 for ABC. The Cry was 522,000 and Mrs. Wilson pulled 359,000.

Hughesy We Have a Problem drew 327,000 in preliminary figures for 10 then The Sunday Project (302,000 / 199,000) and 10 News First (262,000). Bondi Rescue was just 151,000.

On SBS it was Secrets of the Pyramids (154,000), Lockerbie: The Unheard Voices (132,000) and SBS World News (137,000). Rupert Everett: 50 Shades of Gay was just 55,000.

Hey Duggee on ABC KIDS topped multichannels at 154,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 24 February 2019

* to be adjusted after coding errors.

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  1. People saying Julia Morris is insufferable, unwatchable, unbearable, amongst other things, are of course entitled to their opinion. Remember though, there are just as many people who love her, ad there are who dislike her. Same goes for other polarising personalities, such ad Grant Denyer, Joel Creasey, Georgie Gardiner etc.

  2. I’ll likely give Chris and Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway a couple more goes before deciding properly, however with the mock Dancing With The Stars part in it, I couldn’t help but think is that the better Sunday Show. Have to remember when it was getting bumper ratings on Seven with Daryl Somers hosting Dancing With The Stars was on a Sunday Night, yes I know that it airs on CBS in the US on a Monday (up against Monday Night Football) but we’re a different market.

  3. Have so enjoyed The Cry.
    Found it compelling viewing and at 4 episodes, not too drawn out.
    They probably could have stretched it out to 6 eps though.
    Definitely one of the better recent local dramas.

          1. Also loved it. After episode two though I had to stream the rest…I couldn’t wait for Sunday night! The twist at the end of episode just had me gripped. Here’s hoping me have more dramas heading our way of this quality.

  4. Those ratings actually make me want to vomit. I feel so embarrassed to be Australian this morning. What has happened to good quality programming topping the ratings on a Sunday night? At least a quality non-sport, non-news program topped them yesterday

  5. SNT went far too long and whilst it was live it was very rehearsed and scripted with very little addlibing in my view. The last segment was drawn out and did not flow well at all. As l.have said many times The Project just is cutting through the maze.

  6. Radical suggestion, one of those crazy get out of bed, epiphany-like, 6 coffees in a row ideas…

    10 should halt all their new first run content until after MAFS finishes or gets close to the end, opting for movie re-runs and show repeats instead for the next month?

    That way audiences keep coming, but their new content won’t get wasted and buried, so can get better ratings at a later stage.

    I mean “Pretty Woman” can pull a good old 300k-500k any old day as recent runs have shown 😉

  7. Wow. I was thinking it would get up to 1.5mil last night. Amazing for MAFS and 9. MKR definitely on the decline.

    It will be interesting to see if they can continue to stay around 1.2 without the villians in there. Ine was a disgrace but we loved watching it. Good thing they have intruders coming in which was a smart idea this year.

    Id love to see the faces at 7 this morning!! Not happy Jan!!!

    Poor 10, same old.

    1. Time to look at moving it to 6pm and into Sunday flagship shows at 7pm again, current strategy is a failure, giving the other networks a headstart and paying the price

      Nothing has worked early evening on Sundays since 7 & 9 extended their news bulletins so I’d tend to leave The Project in the lineup but it should flow straight out of the news

  8. Not good at all for Sunday Night Takeaway. With figures like that the prizes will quickly dry up. I reckon overexposure of Chris and Julia might be partly to blame. Launching it midway through Australia’s trashiest but most popular reality show didn’t help either. I guess the only positive is Hughesy managed to hold most of the audience which would indicate the two compliment each other well.

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