Peter Stefanovic: “This a great opportunity to reset”

Could Peter Stefanovic wind up at SKY News?

The former Nine News presenter has taken a pragmatic outlook to his prospects, telling SKY News’ Peter Gleeson he is looking forward to new projects.

Stefanovic departed Nine in December after 15 years, amid chatter Nine was still incensed by the infamous Uber chat with brother Karl Stefanovic.

“Believe it or not, I’m usually quite a shy sort of person, so seeing so much negativity play out in the press for weeks and months on end does have its challenges and can be difficult to deal with at times,” he admitted.

But he prefers to focus on work over tabloid stories.

“I had 15 wonderful years at Channel 9 now this a great opportunity to kind of reset and try new projects, which is very exciting.

”You’ve sort of got to put things into perspective as well,” he continued.

“Look at the difficulties that the people of Tasmania are going through at the moment, or even the people of Townsville as well,.

“My problems are very small compared to theirs. A lot of people don’t have their homes anymore, which is awfully tragic. So, I’ve had some difficulties but it’s a good time now and doing projects such as your show.”

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  1. Well hello SKY News… Think he rates highly as a reporter and can do well at SKY. Was this interview an effort to measure public perception and/or an job interview maybe?

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