“It’s been an honour and a pleasure”: Peter Hitchener signs off Nine News weeknights

‘Hitch’ signed off with a simple message for viewers as Nine ends an era in Melbourne news.

Legendary News anchor Peter Hitchener wrapped 25 years of weeknight news on Nine News last night, congratulated on his 50 years with videos from Tracy Grimshaw, Patti Newton, Pete Smith, Denis Walter, Ross Stevenson and more.

Tony Jones and Livinia Nixon, who with ‘Hitch’ forged  a 20 year trio union, also payed tribute to the man, ahead of his shift to weeknights in 2024.

“Can I say it’s been an honour and a pleasure to present Nine News weeknights over the past 25 years? Thank you for watching,” said ‘Hitch.’

“And I hope you’ll join me for the weekend news up ahead, and that you’ll watch Alicia Loxley and Tom Steinfort weeknights next year.”

He finished with his signature sign-off.

“And Melbourne, that’s what’s news this Thursday. Enjoy your evening and good night.”

Longer tribute:

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  1. It could have been worse. 9 could have done to Hitch what BTQ7 did to Kay McGrath and moved him to Friday and Saturday nights after decades of Monday to Friday.
    If 10 ever gets a local news in Queensland they should pooch Kay.

  2. I was disappointed in the way Hitch has been treated by nine, they had some idea on when they were going to do the change of guard, with Tom Steinfort and Alicia Loxley in 2024 replacing .him 5 nights a week. Yes it was going to happen, he had already had 1 change from 5 nights a week to 4, the next obvious one was this, weekends only. The one after that is well, retirement.
    Hitch should of been able to of gone out on his own desision, and not made by the exceutives behind the scenes, given the weekend only, he seems to be happy with that, but as I said, it will be a 2 or 3 year gig, before he finally retires.

  3. Thanks Hitch, you were always there during my family dinner as a child and always a comforting voice to guide you through the days news. I have grown up always watching Nine News and I’ve always enjoyed your cheeky grin and laugh and while yes I can still see you on weekends it won’t be the same during the week.

    P.S. I was slightly disappointed the seagull didn’t make the highlights reel.

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