Returning: Arrested Development

Arrested Development returns with new episodes on the Comedy channel in mid March.

Season 5b will air as a marathon (8 x 30) on Saturday March 16 from 3pm, express from the US. There will be a replay the following day.

Last year a press tour for the show was cancelled after Jessica Walter broke down in tears when discussing verbal harassment from co-star Jeffrey Tambor. He was previously fired from Transparent.

Although the series was revived by Netflix, Foxtel retains premiere rights in Australia having been its previous home.


    • This is incorrect and sounds like you are not across the way broadcast rights work. Foxtel began screening AD from Series 1, years before Netflix was ever in the country. That means they are entitled to subsequent seasons with the same distributor. That’s the norm across all networks. Otherwise any show could switch channels ad hoc. I’m sure whatever industry you’re in has to observe contracts and standard too. Hope this has been helpful.

      • Correct. I would take issue with the fact Foxtel is not putting it on demand. I just found out the new season is airing, I have Foxtel. Unfortunately, I just found out today and I’ve missed episodes 9 and 10. I can’t watch it now and have to wait and see if they run another marathon of it. It’s poor form on their part.
        Maybe they don’t have streaming rights, but they should get them. If I recall correctly I watched the first half in a marathon last year, but that was before I had on demand with Foxtel.

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