Returning: Food Lab by Ben Milbourne

Season three of SBS Food series will begin in mid March.

Season three of Food Lab by Ben Milbourne will begin on SBS Food in mid March.

The Tassie-based chef, a former MasterChef contestant, explores the ins and outs of the scientific world of cooking. He is joined by physicist and food enthusiast Dr Joel Gilmore.

Ben Milbourne, Executive Producer and Host said: “I’m more excited about this series than the previous two; Food Lab has grown up this season. The calibre of guests along with Joel (Gilmore) playing a bigger role in co-hosting this series has added a breadth and depth of knowledge you wouldn’t normally see being passed on to the viewers on a cooking show. We wanted to look at food not only scientifically but culturally and how the two are intertwined whenever we step in the kitchen.”

The series will air every weeknight for 13 weeks on the channel.

Set in picturesque Tasmania, the series showcases the beautiful Tasmanian landscape while Ben presents inspiring recipes that can be easily replicated at home. He is joined by physicist and food enthusiast Dr Joel Gilmore who engages with some of the country’s top researchers from The University of Queensland to give viewers an understanding of what goes on in our kitchens during cooking and why.

Using Ben’s experience in the kitchen and Joel’s passion for food and science, the duo delve into what’s happening in kitchens every day and answer questions we all wonder while cooking – Why does rice go sticky when it’s slightly overcooked? What makes chilies hot? What are good fats and what are bad fats?

Over 65 episodes, Ben and Joel explore various techniques to create perfectly cooked dishes with widely used ingredients – from exploring different ways to cook with cheese, to learning the science of making toffee; how to precisely cook Salmon using sous vide method and the secret to light and fluffy pancakes.

Produced by Cultivate Productions in partnership with The University of Queensland for SBS Food, Food Lab by Ben Milbourne will offer Australians a fresh take on the way food is cooked, inspiring them to not only be better cooks, but also better scientists.

Monday to Friday at 5pm from March 18 on SBS Food.

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