Richard Reid wins I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here 2019.

Richard Reid has been voted King of the Jungle after winning I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here 2019, but joked that he should be crowned Queen.

The entertainment reporter defeated former Gogglebox critic Yvie Jones for the 2019 title, with ex Footy Show presenter Shane Crawford as second runner-up.

He wins $100,000 for his chosen charity, Beyond Blue.

Reid squealed his way through nine camp challenges, providing plenty of laughter for viewers, including trials with snakes, scorpions, gross food, heights, dark tunnels and especially electricity.

But he was also something of a ‘father figure’ to younger cast members, especially close to Angie Kent and Justin Lacko. He was also open about family, personal struggles and a dash of celebrity dirt.

Yvie Jones was praised for her honesty, and notably declining to weigh-in to test weight loss, while Shane Crawford’s leadership skills proved essential.

The finale, filmed last week in South Africa, included multiple endings to avoid spoilers leaking to media.

10’s series was trimmed this year and launched earlier against tennis and sport. For 10 it began strong demonstrating entertainment was a solid alternative to summer sport, but dipped against reality juggernauts Married at First Sight and My Kitchen Rules. Amid some negative press, and headlines from Foxtel’s Brian Walsh over casting, 10 defiantly renewed the show for 2019.

Hosts Julia Morris & Dr. Chris Brown now head into their new variety show Sunday Night Takeaway, also produced by ITV Studios Australia, launching on February 24.


  1. Congrats to Richard for winning & also a great win for his wonderful charity Beyond Blue, when he opened up about his mum i found it really touching as my own mum has a similar life story.
    Having said that though, i found the show had maybe too many of those ‘kumbaya’ type moments not really balanced out with enough fun & spontaneity . The trials were getting boring, there needed to be some different ones in there, Spew Tube was hilarious. The secret missions were much more entertaining, like Jackie having the magnetic monkey ass lol
    I was also quite disappointed with how the final was done this year. The way they set it up, all in the tree top studio rather than down below with the family & other celebs in the audience watching on & seeing their reactions. Then Richard had barely taken his seat on the throne & they cut to the end credit, an anti climax.

  2. Perhaps Brian Walsh didn’t think through his comments? I remember in March 2017 he “recalls how networks reluctant to show footage from a competitor, have missed out on having a hit series.” Like Google Box relying on program brand recognition to drive its success. Can’t have both ways!

  3. I’m very happy to see Richard win, but I must confess when he first came onto the show I figured he’d probably be a ‘tosser’ due to his occupation as a Hollywood Gossip Reporter, but I was very wrong. I didn’t know anything about him before the show, I have no interest in ‘gossip’ etc, so I’d never seen him on TV before this show. He turned out to be a lot of fun and seems to be a really nice guy, so well done Richard you are well deserved winner.

  4. I found this year’s show rather boring. It felt more like a self help group getaway than the usual format of the show. Everyone had a sad life story and the tears flowed freely. There was too many treats and a lot fewer trials. I didn’t watch the final, no one worth voting for.

  5. I was shocked when Crawf came third, but happy that Richard won. If 10 does do a 10thismorning type of show Richard can be the entertainment reporter.

    On the topic of 10 this morning, I just did a Google search and came across the US version and their logo is very very similar to 10’s, so maybe a sign of things to come.

  6. Congratulations Richard ! A worthy winner. He has been so gracious and entertaining.
    A huge contrast from his time on Celeb Apprentice a few years ago. He didn’t come across at all well on that – easily flustered and prone to dummy spits so I thought he would be much the same this time around.
    But pleasantly surprised he’s been totally the opposite .
    Congrats to Yvie and Shane as well – they’ve both been great contestants.

  7. I thought the “emotion” was taken out of the show when the winner was announced due to the multiple endings. You could tell it was “put on.” It didn’t sit right as when you watch the build up to the announcement it felt very raw qne emotional. If the show was Live as it should have been, i’d put money on Richard being a blubbering mess when he was announced the winner. Poor decision to end a good season.

  8. It is hard to imagine a more contrasting night of viewing.
    The public having to joyfully vote between beautiful people and their charities, so we have ‘all ‘ won.
    Or, a table full of bickering ‘want to be’ cooks, who are promoted by the deceptive demeaning tactics of a ‘want to be’ responsible seven network.
    —– No, I don’t believe seven cares at all about being responsible or apologising..
    —– Well done Richard and Ten.

  9. I absolutely loved the final even though it was draaaaaaaaged out way too much at the end. So much laughter and a few tears. Very very happy Richard won, it was great to see what a lovely genuine man he is. Can’t wait for next season !

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