Screen Australia: Evonne Goolagong miniseries in development

A miniseries about the life of champion tennis player Evonne Goolagong Cawley is in development, one of 4 TV drama projects announced today in Screen Australia Development funding.

The Indigenous tennis pro who grew up in the small country town of Barellan won 14 Grand Slam titles in the 1970s and ’80s. Werner Productions (Riot, Dance Academy, Secret City) is developing the project.

There are also two sci-fi and one horror series in development, plus two online projects.

No networks have been confirmed.


Porchlight Films Pty Ltd
Genre Drama, Science fiction
Producer Liz Watts
Writer/Director Miranda Nation
Writers Tamara Asmar, Anya Beyersdorf
Synopsis A woman is faced with the choice between saving her daughter and saving a humanity teetering on the brink of extinction.

Werner Film Productions Pty Ltd
Genre Drama
Producer Joanna Werner
Director Wayne Blair
Writers Megan Simpson Huberman, Steven McGregor
Synopsis A two-part event mini-series based on the inspiring true life story of world champion tennis player Evonne Goolagong, one of Australia’s best known and most loved sporting heroes.

Matchbox Productions Pty Ltd
Genre Drama, Science fiction
Producers Stephen Corvini, Alice Nash
Director Bruce Gladwin
Writers Bruce Gladwin, Chris Anastassiades, Stuart Page, Dannika Horvat, Tim Williams
Synopsis When cleaners Des and Tam come into contact with The Animal, their lives take an unexpected turn from model citizens to renegade members of The Resistance.

Headspace Entertainment
Genre Drama, Horror, Thriller
Executive Producers Georgia Mappin, Darren McFarlane
Director Tony Rogers
Writers Jaime Browne, Jub Clerc
Synopsis From director Tony Rogers, writer Jaime Browne and author Strephyn Mappin comes a darkly comic coming of age story set in 1970’s country Australia, inside a family defined by tradition…ritualised cannibalism.


Chen PM 3010
Béatrice Barbeau-Scurla
Genre Comedy, Science fiction
Producers Aaron Chen, Béatrice Barbeau-Scurla
Director Alexei Toliopoulous
Writers Aaron Chen, Alexei Toliopoulous
Synopsis In the year 3010, when no one wants to be Prime Minister of Australia, a lottery is drawn and Aaron Chen must rise to the occasion and deal with the responsibly of running the country.

Sam Weingott
Genre Black comedy
Producer Sam Weingott
Director Simon Taylor
Writers Simon Taylor, Clare Sladden
Synopsis When a plush toy T-Rex is assigned to care for a 27-year-old OCD sufferer, he must overcome his own insecurities in order to defeat the mental illness before his human gives up on life.

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