Tim & Leanne join Gogglebox

A new household will debut on Gogglebox this week, following the departure of Tom & Wayne and Angie & Yvie.

Brother and sister Tim and Leanne join Anastasia and Faye, Lee and Keith, Jackson Family, the Delpechitra Family, Adam and Symon, Mick and Di, the Dalton Family, the Silbery Family and Matty, Sarah Marie and Jad.

Brother and sister Tim and Leanne are like two peas in a pod. They blog together, eat together and drink together. Of Malaysian heritage, Tim was born in Penang but moved to Melbourne with his family when he was nine years old, and two years later Leanne was born. Family is incredibly important to both of them and since Tim came out, Leanne has been a huge support mechanism for him and a big advocate for LGBTQI rights.

Their 11 year age gap doesn’t stop the pair from being both equally loud and assertive in their individual opinions. However, when it comes to TV they’re both passionate about cooking shows – if people are cooking or eating it, chances are they are watching it.

Tim works as a retail technology consultant and lives in the suburbs with his fiancé and their new Boston Terrier, River. When he’s not day dreaming of traipsing across the globe, Tim’s days are busy eating food, photographing food, filming himself talking about food, or thinking about what to eat next.

Leanne lives with her partner in a compact apartment with two adorably neurotic Chihuahuas. Working as an operations manager in a factory environment with a lot of blokey blokes, Leanne is an avid gamer, occasional artist and musician, fulltime dog lover, and wannabe knitter who is partial to a weekend-long book or TV show binge.

Gogglebox Australia is an Endemol Shine Australia production for Foxtel and Network 10.

7:30pm Wednesday on Lifestyle.
9pm Thursday on 10.


  1. “Brother and sister Tim and Leanne are like two peas in a pod. They blog together, eat together and drink together.”

    Don’t care as long as they are funny, that is all that matters

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