Vale: Albert Finney

Character actor Albert Finney, best known for Erin Brockovich & Miller’s Crossing, has died aged 82.

He died following a short illness surrounded by those closest to him, according to a statement.

Finney was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2007 but resumed working with The Bourne Legacy and Skyfall in 2011.

British-born Finney began with TV roles in 1956 before the title lead in 1963’s Tom Jones, it led to an Oscar nomination as did Murder on the Orient Express, The Dresser, Under the Volcano, and Erin Brockovich. Other film credits included Two for the Road, Charlie Bubbles, Miller’s Crossing, Annie, Traffic, Big Fish, Corpse Bride, Simpatico, The Bourne Ultimatum & Ocean’s Twelve.

TV credits included Pope John Paul II, The Endless Game, The Green Man, Cold Lazarus, Nostromo, The Gathering Storm and My Uncle Silas.

He once said, “I’m me and nobody else. Whatever people say I am, that’s what I’m not because they don’t know a bloody thing about me! God knows what I am.”

Source: EW


  1. He morphed into a character actor over later years, but was very much a leading man early on-multi talented too-could sing and dance as evidenced in ‘Annie’!

  2. Loved his (last role?) in “Skyfall” alongside Judi Dench no less at the climax of the film. I also enjoyed his work in the original Agatha Christie “Murder on the Orient Express” alongside Sean Connery in the 1970s.

  3. It is hard to forget that striking portrayal of Poirot. His image was more befitting the original Belgium character that Agatha described in her early books.
    I find the Suchet Poirot , while brilliant, not as true to that amount of eccentricity. Albert was yet another fine actor who has entertained us well.

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