60 Minutes: Mar 10

Liam Bartlett hears from a woman could hold a key to the case covered by Seven's Undercurrent doco.

On 60 Minutes Liam Bartlett hears from Meaghan Vass, who says she was on board the Four Winds and could hold a key to the case covered by Seven’s Undercurrent doco.

Witness to Murder
Meaghan Vass has lived a wretched existence. For half of her 25 years her home has been the streets, where she mixed with the wrong crowd and became addicted to heavy drugs. But as down and out as she is, Meaghan could be the most important witness in Tasmania’s most controversial murder case. Nine years ago Sue Neill-Fraser was jailed for the murder of her partner Bob Chappell on their yacht, Four Winds. She has always denied she did it, pleading that she wasn’t even on the boat when he was killed. And that’s where Meaghan Vass comes in. In a 60 Minutes special investigation she speaks publicly for the first time and admits to being on board the Four Winds at the time of the murder. She tells Liam Bartlett she saw everything, and reveals who killed Bob Chappell and why. Sue Neill-Fraser’s freedom rests on Meaghan Vass’s evidence. But is she believable?
Reporter: Liam Bartlett
Producer: Laura Sparkes

The Odd Couple
They’re two of the biggest personalities in Australian politics – and two of the most controversial and polarising. Now Pauline Hanson and Mark Latham are a couple, Mr and Mrs One Nation. By becoming Pauline’s proxy in New South Wales, Latham is tipped to win an Upper House seat at the state election in a fortnight. In return, Hanson gets to harness the former Labor Opposition Leader’s undeniable campaigning skills, which will be especially useful in the run-up to this year’s federal election. But as Liz Hayes asks, will this political version of Married at First Sight last past the honeymoon?
Reporter: Liz Hayes
Producer: Gareth Harvey

8:30pm (ish) Sunday on Nine.