7plus adds two new US live streaming channels

New male-skewing content covers college sports, fishing, off-road motorsports & adventure.

7plus has added two new live streaming channels from the USA, Pac-12 and The Outdoor Channel.

Pac-12 features American college sports while The Outdoor Channel, part owned by AMC, includes hunting, fishing, Western lifestyle, off-road motorsports and adventure.

Brook Hall, Seven’s Director of Content Scheduling, said: “7plus has had a phenomenal run since launching just over a year ago. With an on-demand library of thousands of titles and now eight live channels, 7plus delivers tremendous choice for our viewers. The addition of Pac-12 and The Outdoor Channel demonstrate our commitment to adding more premium live and on-demand content to 7plus, giving our viewers more engaging new content to discover.

“The continued rapid growth of the BVOD market provides huge opportunity for Seven and our commercial partners. We are now looking forward to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, which will feature unprecedented coverage including over 30 live event streams, some in Ultra HD and HDR, and long and short form replays. 7plus will be the destination to experience all the action from Tokyo 2020.”

Pac-12, the most successful collegiate sports conference in the United States, showcases numerous elite-level college sports, including college football, track & field, swimming, gymnastics, golf and tennis. Streaming 24/7, Pac-12 also features college basketball, including the world-renowned end of season spectacular, March Madness.

The Outdoor Channel is a leading American property focused on the outdoors, offering programming that features hunting, fishing, off-road motorsports and adventure. Each month, over 650 hours of live content is shown on the channel, including shows such as Gold Fever, Alaska’s Ultimate Bush Pilots, Fight to Survive, Madin Shark, and Alaska’s Wild Gourmet. An extensive VOD catalogue from the Outdoor Channel is also available for free on 7plus.

7plus and the entire Commercial Broadcast Video On Demand market has seen enormous growth over the past year, with on demand viewing growing 61% year-on-year on 7plus (compared to a market-wide growth of 44%).

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  1. Due to public demand, I understand that 7-Plus will be adding Premium Live “Chess24” with every match streamed up to the World Chess Championship 2020 and “Tiddle-Away”, a full coverage leading to the World Singles TiddlyWink competition in Downing College, Cambridge, including The Golden Squidger Award.
    The BetOnSports channel may also be sponsoring the Great Frog Jumping Race on the Champs-Élysées with the winning post in the Café George V, which serves excellent soup. And for Turophile’s there’s a rolling coverage from the slopes of Cooper’s Hill in Gloucester with wagering on the number of casualties.

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