Airdate: Dirty John, The Dirty Truth

If you have seen the drama on Netflix then you may want to check out this doco on 13th Street.

If you have seen Dirty John on Netflix then you may want to check out Dirty John, The Dirty Truth next week on 13th Street.

It features interviews with former girlfriend and ex-wives of John Meehan, and police detectives who detail his decades-long criminal career.

This debuted internationally in January.

“Dirty John, The Dirty Truth” delves into con man John Meehan’s terrifying history of deception that began long before he seduced and manipulated Debra Newell. Featuring exclusive interviews with former girlfriends and other victims ensnared by his lies, the revealing special exposes the truth of John’s sordid past and explores the psychology of why and how women fell into his deceitful trap.

8:30pm Tuesday March 19 on 13th Street.

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