Gogglebox a bright spot for 10. Seven wins Thursday.

Ratings: Gogglebox tops entertainment shows. Ms Fisher is down for Seven, but the network claims a win.

Gogglebox remains a bright spot in 10’s beleaguered schedule, last night drawing 647,000 as the top entertainment show of the night, and topping the demos.

7:30 led the early evening shift at 576,000 then Home and Away (524,000), Escape from the City (510,000), Young Sheldon (467,000 / 400,000) and Show Me the Movie (341,000).

Seven Network won Thursday with 28.6% then Nine 24.4%, ABC 19.4%, 10 19.1% and SBS 8.5%.

Seven News was #1 with 909,000 / 864,000 for Seven. The Chase (462,000 / 304,000) and Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries followed at 333,000, down on last week’s premiere of 463,000.

Nine News (808,000 / 798,000) was best for Nine then A Current Affair (649,000). Hot Seat was 414,000 / 266,000, Australian Crime Stories was 337,000 and a Bad Mothers replay drew 149,000.

ABC News (682,000) led for ABC. Grand Designs Australia pulled 396,000, Sammy J was 305,000, The Drum was 201,000 and The Tunnel was 124,000.

The Project was 380,000 / 208,000 then 10 News First (350,000), Blue Bloods (216,000 / 118,000) and Pointless (161,000).

On SBS it was Henry IX (221,000), Secrets of Harrods Department Store (212,000), Trust Me (122,000) and SBS World News (108,000).

Bluey topped multichannels again at 180,000 for ABC KIDS.

The Morning Show: 128,000 / 84,000
Today Extra: 101,000 / 66,000
Studio 10: 63,000 / 61,000 / 46,000

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 28 February 2019

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    1. Angie & Yvie, sure, but as much for their dogs. As for Tom & Wayne, I found them the most contrived of the lot. The cocktails were too much and every comment was trying too hard to be funny. Don’t miss them at all.

    1. Good idea, replace Pointless with Googlebox Live. People in loungerooms commenting on programs from the day/night just past. Everyday aussies apply daily to be armchair critics. I should patent that idea lol. Must be stated every 5 mins it’s live hahah

  1. Your preview was spot when you wrote “it’s just a shame the pacing drags due to the telemovie length
    Original Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries on 2 only went for 53 min Not the type of show that shold be on for 2 hours due to the slow plots

  2. Outside of Gogglebox, is the Project 10’s highest rating show because that’s when people start to switch off? I can’t help but think 10’s woes come directly from that show. I personally can’t stand it, and it’s responsible for my switch off. I can’t speak on behalf of anyone outside my household, but if it wasn’t there I’d probably check in on 10 a little more often.

    1. I love The Project. Brilliant mix of quality current affairs and comedy. None of the crappy topics not many people are interested in like some morning shows, I think a shorter length helps with that. It’s a shame more people don’t watch it, I think that shows people prefer trash TV (like A Current Affair) over quality.

      1. I agree with you Bullswool. I have always thought The Project guests and interviews are way more classy and interesting than any other shows have and they keep them short and to the point. A little too much Trump bashing from Waleed which annoys me to no end but I soon get over it !

    2. I’m with you, I don’t enjoy the Project either, seems to be a more a ‘soap box’ of sorts, rather than a news or current affairs show. To be fair 7 and 9’s ‘current affairs’ programs aren’t any better, so I watch SBS news if i’m home at that time of the evening.

    3. I have wondered about the low numbers for The Project as well, I am sure it is having an impact on the rest of the night. If they want to keep it, cut it back to half an hour and maybe get some fresh faces on there.

      PS I am with you in not watching it…

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