Jacinda Ardern interview draws season high for The Project

Ratings: More viewers watched Waleed Aly's interview with Jacinda Ardern than his chat with Scott Morrison.

More viewers watched Waleed Aly’s interview with NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on The Project than watched his interview with Australian PM Scott Morrison.

Underscored by dramatic music, The Project lifted to 574,000 for the second half hour -rising with each passing minute- with 361,000 for the first half hour. Last week only 387,000 watched the interview with ScoMo, albeit with less promotional time.

The 10 show, which also had an “Eggboy” interview, scored its biggest audience since July 2018.

Married at First Sight was #1 and topped the demos with 1.32m viewers. My Kitchen Rules was second in its slot at 763,000.

7:30 (664,000) and Australian Story (593,000) managed a combined third place. Dancing with the Stars was fourth on 446,000 rising to 464,000 later for the elimination of Michelle Bridges.

Nine network won Monday with 30.9% then Seven 28.4%, ABC 19.0%, 10 15.9% and SBS 5.8%.

Nine News was 885,000 / 873,000 for Nine then A Current Affair 828,000, Bad Mothers (480,000) and Hot Seat (465,000 / 291,000). In select states were the following: Footy Classified (147,000), 100% Footy (53,000) and The Oval Office (46,000).

Seven News won its slot on 1.01m / 964,000. Home & Away drew 629,000 then The Chase (559,000 / 364,000) and Billy Connolly: Made in Scotland (345,000).

ABC News was 768,000 for ABC. Four Corners was 580,000 then Media Watch (564,000), Q&A (414,000) and The Drum (237,000).

Elsewhere on 10, 10 News First was 404,000, Pointless drew 212,000 and The Graham Norton Show was 143,000.

On SBS it was Michael Mosley: Trust Me I’m A Doctor (195,000), 24 Hours in Emergency (161,000), The Kennedys (147,000) and SBS World News (113,000).

ABC KIDS’ Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom (193,000) ruled multichannels.

Sunrise: 273,000
Today: 196,000
News Breakfast: 110,000 / 48,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 25 March 2019

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  1. It will be interesting to see what happens with Waleed Aly’s media profile during this highly political year, with the ALP likely coming into power federally his proactive political style will find a few challenges ahead.

  2. Giving airtime to Egg Boy, who committed a criminal act by assaulting Senator Anning, is really disgraceful and is a reason why I haven’t watched The Project in about 2 years!

    1. I don’t agree that egging is an appropriate course of action but he was never charged and if you saw the interview it was clear he had no malicious intent except to perhaps shut the senator up. And let’s face it he wouldn’t have been alone on that one.

      Otherwise, the backing track on the NZ PM interview was unnecessary. It got its message across without needing to sound like an episode of Days Of Our Lives.

    2. Prefer to give airtime to eggboy than listen to the bile that Anning spreads.
      Actually throught the kid came across very well in the interview… and on top of that he is donating all the money raised to Christchurch.
      Btw no charges have been laid….. so what criminal act are you referring to? Do you mean when 5 thugs thought they could rough up a 17 year old kid, even trying to get the media out of the room?
      I think most people around the country thought to themselves ‘Anning got what he deserved’.

      1. How do you think egg boy would’ve fared had he carried out that assault on an American Senator? He wouldn’t be giving interviews to tabloid media a week later that’s for sure.

  3. Waleed Aly’s interviews with the New Zealand and Australian Prime Ministers were first class in my opinion. He is an excellent interviewer. I think it would be great for 10 to have a one hour program where Waleed interviews, may be, 3 selected guest from all walks of life. This would fit in well on a Sunday evening after Master Chef.

    1. Waleed Aly’s discussion with Scott Morrison wasn’t an interview. It was a rude, accusatory and aggressive attempt by Aly to push his own barrow and to hold Morrison, in part, accountable for the Christchurch tragedy. It was sickening to see him fawn all over Jacinda Arden and show her the respect and courtesy he failed to show Morrison when NZ has a problem with RWNJs and Islamophobia just as Australia does.

        1. You must’ve seen a different interview. The Prime Minister was remarkably composed considering Aly constantly interrupted him and insinuated he was somehow responsible for the deaths of 50 innocents. Could you imagine the outrage if Morrison had smeared Aly with the insinuation that he was a terrorist because extremist islamics carry out abhorrent acts in the name of the religion he follows?

          1. Agree he interrupted a lot, but I don’t recall insinuating he was responsible for 50 deaths. Let’s fact check… which quote are you referring to?

          2. In reply to David: “Does the coalition have a problem with Islamophobia?” The question was asked pointedly several times. Aly’s constant insistence that the PM and his cohorts had sought to exploit fears about Muslims in the community for political gain infers that the government had somehow stirred the hate that led to a maniac carrying out that act. Aly accused Morrison, Dutton and Abbott of being Islamophobic for speaking out about people who practice extreme forms of Islam. Underline extreme. That doesn’t make them Islamophobic and hate mongers.

          3. Sure he asked about Islamaphobia within the party, based on reports from Syd. Morn Herald. but I feel your reading goes a step further. Kochie asked Hanson if she felt complicit in stirring hate. It doesn’t make her responsible for the deaths of 50 ppl either.

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