Never mind the PM, it’s all about the AFL.

Ratings: While Waled Aly's interview improves The Project, AFL storms Seven to its biggest share in survey this year.

An awkward interview with PM Scott Morrison may have lifted the first half of The Project from 211,000 last week to 387,000 last night, but more people watched the second half without him, at 434,000.

10 only had short notice to promote the event, but is to be commended for screening it ad-free.

But Thursday Night AFL completely dominated viewing last night with an impressive 728,000 viewers, from 7pm it was enough to win its slot and top the demos.

It defeated 7:30 on 468,000, Thursday Night NRL (411,000 in 2 cities) and Show Me the Movie on 293,000.

The AFL was so big it helped Seven Network to its biggest share in survey this year at 36.8%, ahead of Nine 24.3%, 10 19.2%, ABC 13.2% and SBS 6.4%.

Seven News was #1 at 887,000 / 742,000. The Chase was 480,000 / 310,000, and screening in select cities were Home & Away (338,000), Better Homes & Gardens (188,000) and movie: Salt (148,000).

Nine News led for Nine on 775,000 / 773,000 then A Current Affair (481,000 in 4 cities). Hot Seat was 429,000 / 278,000, and screening in select cities were RBT (171,000), Thursday Night Golden Point (156,000) and New Amsterdam (122,000).

Gogglebox remained the top entertainment show at 567,000 for 10. 10 News First was 352,000 , a repeat of Hughesy We Have a Problem was 269,000 and Pointless was 198,000.

ABC News (602,000), Escape from the City (366,000), Sammy J (268,000), Informer (144,000) and The Drum (164,000) comprised ABCs other shows. The Tunnel was just 56,000.

On SBS it was Jumbo Jet (189,000), Great British Royal Ships (167,000), SBS World News (104,000) and Trust Me (75,000).

7TWO’s Father Brown led multichannels, blessed with 164,000.

The Morning Show: 110,000 / 59,000
Today Extra: 98,000 / 64,000
Studio 10: 64,000 / 52,000 / 40,000

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 21 March 2019

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  1. Surprised the PM interview got low numbers. It was a good interview. Odd choice of chairs though. And not sure why Waleed disappeared off set after the interview. Would like to have heard his input.

    The Bulldog on Gogglebox desperately needs some etiquette.classes.

    1. It hinted on the show why Waleed disappeared. He had just gotten back from interviewing Jacinta Ardern in New Zealand. He would have been exhausted after a half hour, commercial free interview with the PM, especially given how charged it was.

  2. David,do you know if the 60k in Melbourne that watched Home and Away, is that for the 7two broadcast at 7pm only or the late night repeat on 7 or an average?
    I’m just interested as this is a first for the show.
    7 are clearly testing the waters with their 7pm timeslots this year

      1. Wait, Seven ran a H&A episode late night, in Melbourne? I had a delayed “The Latest” with Michael Usher at around 10:20pm after the AFL post game. Must’ve been for night owls and there was no promotion for it!

        All promotion earlier in the day was for the “7Two switch” at 7pm, which Seven to credit advised well, including between end of news and start of telecast.

  3. It certainly does seem to be all about the AFL.
    All main and multi channels are included in the 5 city AFL numbers, but only the main channels for NRL.
    Although it doesn’t make a great difference in total numbers, even a modest 40k from multis would lift the NRL coverage 3 or 4 positions.

  4. Guess people tuned in to see how the devils number of 666 and the no Runners until Goal Scores went in the first proper AFL Game. Good figures for Perth as well given Daylight Saving and the 3 hour time difference (4:00pm start) and that it was on 7Mate.

  5. An entertaining game of footy to begin 2019, started one sided, next hour was a a real thriller, then last quarter Richmond ran away. But broadcast finished 20min late as usual… And that was post game!

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