Returning: Mrs. Brown’s Boys

Seven brings Aussie Brendan O'Carroll fans up to date with the UK.

New episodes of Mrs. Brown’s Boys return to Seven next Monday night.

Monday April 1
9pm Mrs. Brown’s Boys
It’s the festive season once again in the Brown household, and Father Damian has organised a Christmas decoration contest to support the local football team.

9:45pm Mrs. Brown’s Boys
Winnie and Sharon move in with Agnes and Cathy after a storm. Agnes is asked to deliver a eulogy for a neighbour

These two episodes aired over the festive season in the UK. This will bring Aussies up to date, meaning it should only be a one week special.

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  1. My 82 year old mum loves this show, but she’s in bed by 930pm. I know it airs late in UK too but I feel like this should be one ep only . I wonder if they will show All Round to Mrs Browns That’s currently on in UK

    1. I would say wait for catch up on 7plus but thats not reliable as I can’t get it on any of my smart TV’s or playstation, so hopefully you can record it because lets face it, the 2nd episode is probably only going to start at 10pm once we get to the night of airing, and usually the encores of this show are just as late or later

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