SBS on Demand: Tin Star

Canada’s Tin Star, starring Tim Roth, will screen at SBS on Demand from early April.

Described as part drama, part thriller and part dark comedy, it is created by Rowan Joffé (Brighton Rock, Before I Go to Sleep).

The 10 part series also features Christina Hendricks, Genevieve O’Reilly and Oliver Coopersmith.

This has aired previously on Pay TV. All 10 episode will be available at once.

Set in the majestic Canadian Rockies and starring Tim Roth and Christina Hendricks, Tin Star tells the story of Jim Worth, a former British detective now small town police chief, who brings his family to the tiny, tranquil town of Little Big Bear for a better life.

When a vast industrial facility opens nearby and their new home is flooded with workers looking for drugs, gambling, and prostitution, Jim has to work hard to protect his family and the town from organised crime.

Then crime strikes back, and when Jim’s family suffers a shocking tragedy, old, dark, and dangerous secrets surface. We discover that Jim is not the man we think he is but is in fact ‘Jack’ – the professional name for his alcoholic alter-ego, an undercover cop with a violent past and a long list of enemies. Jack is a man more unpredictable, more charismatic, and infinitely more menacing than Jim.

Part drama, part thriller and part dark comedy, Tin Star is an exhilaratingly smart, breathlessly suspenseful thrill ride of a show as deceit, guilt, love, and all-consuming rage lead inexorably to a gut-wrenching finale. Tin Star is created, written and directed by acclaimed screenwriter Rowan Joffe (28 Days Later, The American).

Thursday, 4 April at SBS on Demand.


  1. Better late than never and good to see this hard hitting show on FTA. Tim Roth is probably not everyone’s cup of tea as a character actor but he is at his menacing best in Tin Star. Assuming this is season 1, hopefully the SBS will follow up at some time in the future with season 2 as well.

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