Sunday Night in trouble as MAFS hits season high

Ratings: 1.69m are hooked on a cheating scandal as Nine storms the night. Sunday Night sinks for Seven.

Married at First hit a new season high last night as the show’s experts juggled with a new “ethical” dilemma of whether to allow cheating partners to remain on the show. As if.

1.69m viewers were drawn to the scandal, easily topping the demos. That was even the highest “regular” episode across all six seasons.

It was more than double its nearest competition, My Kitchen Rules at 774,000 viewers.

Restoration Australia, from 7:40pm, was in third in the slot at 539,000 leaving Sunday Night Takeaway at a new low of just 246,000 viewers.

But Seven’s Sunday Night also struggled with just 342,000 viewers, easily beaten by 60 Minutes on 811,000 and ABC’s Vera at 659,000 (the latter hit the front from 9:40pm).

Nine network won Sunday with a whopping 39.4% then Seven 25.2%, ABC 18.4%, 10 10.4% and SBS 6.6%.

Nine News drew 1.01m, while Australian Crime Stories was 346,000 for Nine.

Seven News won its slot with 1.03m viewers. A Manhunt replay was 166,000.

ABC News was best for ABC at 679,000. The Indian Dream Hotel was 162,000.

The Sunday Project drew 309,000 / 221,000 for 10. 10 News First was 240,000, Hughesy We Have a Problem was 236,000 and NCIS was just 109,000.

SBS had a low night with The Five Billion Pound Super Sewer (153,000), SBS World News (145,000), Diana: In Her Own Words (142,000).

9GO! movie Casino Royale topped multichannels at 160,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 24 March 2019

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  1. Sunday Night suffers from a floating timeslot issue. They should bed it down at 7pm following 7 News to capitalise on the million people already watching. I get that they want the reality strip to shine on Sunday, but it’s at the expense of their only current affairs show (excl ADL/per)

  2. My last two Sunday nights have been non TV …life took over….I watched 3rd Vera on Iview about 2 days later I think and last nights episode…was repeated at 3AM…that is when I watched it.

  3. I’m a bit surprised Sunday Night didn’t do better as they had a story about Kiss who are still very popular, although I don’t recall seeing many promos for it during the week so perhaps a lot of people were not aware they were on. They also lead with another true crime story (sort if) about people getting a bit sick of them.

  4. No one can deny its rating well but MAFS now makes me embarrassed to work in TV. Completely morally corrupt. Just my opinion but I think it used to be entertaining but it’s gone too far into a very grubby world.

  5. Sunday Night (with “True Stories” added to its title a few weeks ago) has gone even further down market. Is hard to distinguish between SN and ACA. Yet another paedophile vigilante story and an upcoming tour promo.

  6. Network Ten need to identify and exploit the gap in market. Stop with the lazy programmers guide of replaying pre-packaged shows until you kill it. Get Working Dog back into making great shows like TGYH and The Panel (and maybe even an intelligently funny series like Utopia), and Roving Enterprises back into making a great chat show. Oh, and all channels – stick to shows running on the half hour or hour. Otherwise I’m back onto my streaming platforms.

    1. I quite enjoyed ‘The Five Billion Pound Sewer’, the subject might be a bit dry (or in this case, wet), but the actual design, engineering, and build process to me is really interesting. I’m now half way through episode 2, didn’t get the time to watch it all. Looking forward to seeing the final series of The 15 Billion Pound Railway once Crossrail is complete. Hopefully they do a series for Crossrail 2 when construction begins.

    1. Yeah it was at 10:05pm (ish), with the Dancing With The Stars all in of Bohemian Rhapsody just before for about 2 mins, so people may have even tuned out thinking it wasn’t on after Hughesy.

          1. I know right, a couple of times I’ve just thought to myself TEN may as well just turn one of their secondary channels into a plus one channel and have a one hour timeshifted channel every day for all their content (11 = 10 Plus 1 say), or start a new one just for that.

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